News Updates from Nelson Creek Outdoors


Bass Fishing – Next Time Be Prepared, Dummy!

I am going to defend myself right out of the gate. It has been an odd year. With the cool Wisconsin weather, long time lake patterns on my favorite lake are not sticking to the norm. The weedlines are changing dramatically. As they have died off rapidly, oxygen depletion seemsRead More

The Struggles of Finding Post Spawn Bass

Early bass fishing can be pretty easy. They are generally shallow and easy to see. Bass are on the beds, attacking everything that moves. Pick a lure, put it near a bed, and you can catch a bass. The action is fast and it can be a lot of fun.Read More

Slow Start of a Cold Year Bass Fishing

It is spring, right? The weather just will not cooperate with my bass fishing plans. Every weekend is cold, windy and rainy. Water temps in the low 50’s opening weekend really had the bass in a bad mood. They were in shallower water, but they were completely buried in theRead More

Testing a New Fishing Scent

We have been quiet the last few weeks. But we have not been idle. While we are in the lull between fall hunting and spring turkey season, we have kept busy finalizing a new liquid fish attractant that will definitely take the industry by storm! Why is it different? BecauseRead More

Spypoint Solar – My New Favorite Trail Cameras

In most cases, no one would ever accuse me of being a brand loyalist. For cars and trucks, I have had Fords, Chevys, Hyundais, Buicks and even Suzukis. I have had everything from Hondas to Harley Davidsons and Mercurys to Evinrudes. I have had the same variety in my trailRead More

Habitat Management and Other Plans for Spring

Deer hunting is over. Bass fishing won’t open until May. What is a guy supposed to do with this downtime? It is time for making plans. First, once we get some decent temps again (very cold weather right now), I do plan to do a little ice fishing. I likeRead More

Deer Licking Branch – Scent Communication

Most hunters know that deer communicate with each other using scent. They have long used real urine (although synthetic scents are becoming more important) as a cover scent and as an attractant. Doe in heat lures are popular during the rut and can be quite effective. While more and moreRead More

Goodbye 2018!

I had a good year overall. Did a lot of bass fishing, including a few trips in my new bass boat. Got a deer with my new crossbow. My hunting party has plenty of venison in the freezer. Ate fresh fish and venison tenderloins from my harvest. Yeah, it wasRead More

Newest Synthetic Scent – Deer Herd CALM

Our latest scent has come out, Lucky 7 Synthescent Deer Herd CALM. We created this scent to be used all year long, especially during the pre-rut and post-rut periods. It makes deer believe they are in an area other deer often are. It attracts them and helps cover any humanRead More

2018 Bow Deer Season

Sorry to backtrack on you, but we can pretend this is one of those memory sequences in a movie. I went out for a quick Saturday bow hunt during the rut. While I was hoping for a nice buck, it wasn’t in the cards this year. I saw a fewRead More