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News Updates from Nelson Creek Outdoors


Buck Urine

Buck urine scents can really be a truly great asset when trying to attract the local dominant buck to your stand. These scents are based on the actual urine of the male whitetail and often contain glandular fluids as well. These lures can also be made from synthetic buck urineRead More

Doe In Heat

Doe In Heat is doe urine collected at the optimal time during the estrus cycle. It also refers to synthetic urine formulations that accurately mimic peak estrus cycle doe pee. It is arguably the most popular deer lure used to attract big bucks. Doe In Heat can really pack aRead More

Tarsal Glands Deer Scent

Tarsal glands deer scent can be a very effective tool for harvesting whitetails. However, many hunters that have tried it report less than stellar results. Why is that? Simply put, companies that have tarsal gland scents have been putting out inferior products for years. If you want to have moreRead More

Deer Scent Reviews – Lucky 7 Scents

Deer scent reviews for Lucky 7 Scents are always very positive. We go out of our way to provide the best deer attractants we can. Instead of making pee perfumes that don’t have any real meaning to the deer, we take a 3 tiered approach to creating scents. 1. ItRead More

Mock Scrape Kit with Licking Branch Scent

Mock scrape kits are becoming well known for bringing deer in all season long and holding them on your hunting property. A great licking branch scent containing preorbital gland secretions can greatly improve the performance. Synthetic scents are preferred as collecting enough natural glandular secretion can be difficult, and weakRead More

Pure Real Whitetail Urine Versus Synthetic Scents

Pure whitetail urine has been used for a very long time to attract bucks and cover your scent. When fresh and collected with care, it can be very good for attracting whitetail deer. It also has some limitations. Real deer urine needs to be kept fresh. This is the biggestRead More

Synthetic Buck Urine To Attract Other Bucks

Synthetic Buck Urine can be used to attract other bucks almost all season long. Why? for several reasons we will explore below. Other than the rut or at feeding areas, bucks and does do not spend much time interacting directly with each other. While they will communicate through mock scrapes,Read More

Synthetic Deer Scents – Dirty Little Secret

Even the mere mention of synthetic deer scents can created a heated debate in your favorite hunting Facebook group. Any positive post is immediately followed by a myriad of negative ones. The usual claim is that synthetic scents do not work. They don’t fool deer nor interest them. And, ifRead More

Bucks of America Podcast: Lucky 7 Scents

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Bucks of America Podcast. I hope you take the time to listen. I talk about Lucky 7 Scents, Mock Scrapes, Pheromones and other topics.

The Advancement of Doe In Heat Scent

When I mention the advancement of doe in heat scent, I am actually talking about a couple different ideas. First is the overall direction of a scent company’s doe estrus products. The second part of the question is how preexisting scents are handled as advancements are made. I get thisRead More