News Updates from Nelson Creek Outdoors


Bass Fishing Spring 2018

It has been a great bass fishing season so far. Both in fish caught and in reminders for why I may not be catching fish. The weather was cold and wet this spring. We had a snow storm just a couple weeks before the bass opener. What worked last yearRead More

Almost Ready for the Opener This Weekend

Bass fissing (and other game fish) opens this weekend. I mistakenly got my turkey tag for this weekend as well, probably will skip it to go fishing (it is a ton of money for turkey hunting, costs more per pound than a good Porterhouse). I worked on the boat thisRead More

It is Spring!

Spring is here. We already have some trail cams out, hope to check the pics next weekend. That addiction continues! In fact, I just bought a Spy Point Solar Cam to add to the current army of cams. Along with about 600 lithium AA batteries I have for the otherRead More

Trail Cameras Are In The Woods!

The weekend before last, a friend and I put out a few trail cameras. The trusty old Bushnell is back over a refreshed mineral site using our Lucky 7 – Trace Mineral Attractant. I love my mineral sites ready once the snow is gone, so I kick away the snowRead More

We Use What We Sell – Lucky 7 Scents!

We want to harvest deer, fish and other game as much as the next guy. That is why we started this company, to help us and others succeed in the outdoors even if they only get to spend limited time there. We have a great line up. One of ourRead More

What Is Coming For 2018?

Wondering what we are up to for 2018? We will continue to test new and existing products to keep on the cutting edge of hunting technologies. For this coming year, our biggest goal is to bring out another new synthetic scent before next deer hunting season: Lucky 7 Synthescent  Pre-orbital/Read More

Hunting at the Nelson Creek Site – 2017

It was a great year for the two of us hunting the Nelson Creek site. Curt scored first, taking out a large-bodied spike buck with the crossbow. It was early in the rut, and the over achieving buck was chasing 4 does. I was in the island stand when oneRead More

Whitetail Deer Rut – When is it?

Every year I get asked “how do you predict the whitetail deer rut”? I actually have a very simple answer, even though it may not be a simple question. There are many studies on what triggers the whitetail rut. We know the amount of daylight, the slowly waning amount ofRead More

Why use a Synthetic Doe in Heat Scent?

We sell both real urine and synthetic doe in heat scent in our Lucky 7 line up. I sometimes get asked why to use one over the other. Here are my thoughts. Real doe in heat urine (like our Lucky 7 – Love Potion #7 Doe In Heat Urine) worksRead More

Bow Hunting Has Started!

I even managed to make it into a stand. Two nice does went by, maybe 3 feet from my ladder. I started to draw and a third deer I never saw saw me. And it was all over. Do I need to design some new camo?