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Lucky 7 Water Soluble Liquid Fish Attractants


Puts Effective Scent Where The Fish Detect It Best!


Lucky 7 BioStrike AFS Fishing Attractant Water Soluble








Lucky 7 BioStrike AFS – These Advanced Fishing Scents are made from real baitfish, crawfish and garlic oils with their natural enzymes and pheromones. We modify these oils to be water soluble and enhance them with added electrolytes and amino acids, creating extremely effective bite stimulants. These scents create a film on the lure to hold scent that slowly disperses into the water where they are better detected by the fish. Not only do these scents attract fish, they stimulate them to actively feed. Great for all species of game fish, panfish and catfish. Our fish attractants cover unnatural odors and make fish hang on to your bait longer as well.

BioStrike AFS Baitfish is a great scent for all species. The smell and chemical signals of injured baitfish can create a feeding response even in fish in a negative mood and we enhance that effect with other fish attracting ingredients. Combine this with your lure presentation and you can actually induce a feeding frenzy.

BioStrike AFS Crawfish contains the oils from real, fresh crawfish. It is very effective on many species, like largemouth bass and walleyes. Smallmouth bass have a special love for these “crawdads”. Once they detect what they believe is the scent of an injured craw in the vicinity, they seek it out with a vengeance! Enhanced with powerful amino acids and electrolytes to maximize positive results.

BioStrike AFS Garlic is formulated to be the most effective garlic scent on the market. Many fisherman wonder why garlic is so effective on fish. The reason is garlic’s enzyme action acting on its amino acids creates aromatic compounds detected by fish and activates their feeding response. It is a coincidence of chemistry, but one that creates a very effective feeding stimulant. However, you have to use the proper real garlic oils and exact chemical formulation to maximize this effect. “Garlic scented” isn’t enough!
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