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Best Deer Attractant – New for 2022!

Best Deer Attractant? That may be a somewhat broad question considering all the available options. But in 2022, our newest scent, Lucky 7 Mock Scrape Magic, will be one of the best. One thing is for certain: the top synthetic deer scents come from Nelson Creek Outdoors and Lucky 7 Scents.

What makes Lucky 7 Mock Scrape Magic the best deer attractant of 2022 (we also have the best liquid deer attractant)? First, it is something brand new to the industry. It is a powdered deer scent. While there are “scent infused powders” made by others, ours is different. It isn’t just infused, the powder IS the deer scent. Trying to infuse or blend deer scent with an inert powder just works poorly. It changes the potency, looses the volatile components (like pheromones in real urine) or adds weird ingredients to make things stick to the powders used simply as carriers but serve no other purpose. Being a pure scent, our powder has no drawbacks, only advantages. No one else has done it and were are the only company that offers the exclusive formula developed by us here in our own lab.Best Deer Attractant

It may also be the top deer lure because it has another awesome feature. Most synthetics don’t age like real urine. This means the smell is the same every day after application. That isn’t a terrible thing, but with this scent, we can add to the effectiveness when it comes to a long term marking area like a scrape. With Mock Scrape Magic, parts of it stay very fresh as if a deer has just marked the area. Other parts age at a slow rate (slower than real urine to keep it working much longer). This means that as time goes by, it smells like your mock scrape had a very recent visitor and also visitors in the past. The deer will believe it is a very popular scrape for local deer to mark in, boosting effectiveness well beyond competing products from anyone else. It also means the time between refresh applications can be greatly increased and you will disturb your areas much less often so you don’t spook deer. You can make your scrape and not even think about refreshing it for a month or longer! The portion left in the bottle? It will NOT age during storage. It only ages once in contact with the soil and moisture. The best of both world’s!

The basic formula smells just like fresh deer urine, extreme tarsal and pheromone. We are almost certainly the only synthetic scent company with such an accurate representation of whitetail tarsal gland and pheromone. We performed a huge amount of research and effectiveness testing to come up with such an advanced tarsal lure. It is an incredibly hard glandular secretion to represent in a synthetic formula, but we got it done. We don’t believe in creating “pee perfumes” that smell like urine only to the hunter. We believe in building a complete scent picture to make sure the deer you are hunting are truly enthralled by the accuracy of the illusion our scents create. This is how we have become the best in the synthetic scent industry. We love leading the pack in synthetic deer scent technology!

Deer Attractant Mock ScrapeTo use this scent, first scrape up the dirt with a stick our rake, preferably under a branch the deer can use as a licking branch. Using a vine or rope in place of a licking branch can also be very successful. Once roughed up, sprinkle some of the scent powder onto the exposed soil. A light dusting is great, no need to over do it. Sprinkling powder on the branch overhead is also good, or use a premium licking branch scent like Lucky 7 Preorbital/ Licking Branch GEL. That is it, you’re done. If a good spot is chosen, you should have action on your new mock scrape very soon. With its unique properties, this could be the best deer attractant for early season and all season long.

We will be coming out with other new synthetic deer scents in 2022, we have several going through our extensive testing processes in the field. Make sure you keep up with our blog and we will announce them here. Thank you again for choosing Nelson Creek Outdoors and Lucky 7 Scents!