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Synthetic Deer Scents


Premium Quality, Easy Handling


Lucky 7 Best Synthetic Deer Scents







Lucky 7 A.S.S. (Advanced Synthetic Scent) Rutting Buck Attractant – A State-of-the-Art synthetic that paints the complete picture of a doe that has entered peak estrus. Urine and vaginal discharge pheromonal response scent.

Lucky 7 “The Juice” Dominant Buck Attractant – Another extremely advanced rut scent mimics a doe already engaged in the act of breeding. Elicits both sex drive and aggression reactions as the bucks compete to father at least one of her fawns.

Lucky 7 Synthescent Doe-In-Heat PLUS – Our synthetic estrus doe urine is nearly a perfect copy of the real stuff, with an added biological ingredient that makes it “come alive”. The Big Bucks agree, NCO makes the best synthetic deer scents for the rut.

Lucky 7 Synthescent Buck-In-Rut MAX – A Great synthetic buck urine, it has the stout, musky odor of a buck in full rut. The local Big Buck will want to find the intruder and toss him out!

Lucky 7 Synthescent Deer Herd CALM – This synthetic deer scent works all season long and calms deer as it emulates the odor of an area deer regularly visit.

Lucky 7 Synthescent Preorbital – Licking Branch GEL – An awesome synthetic preorbital deer scent that allows you to create a licking branch over a mock scrape or other area you want deer to frequent and lures them in.

Lucky 7 Synthescent Whitetail Deer TRAX – This synthetic interdigital gland scent will allow you to create a trail deer will follow right to your stand. Imagine the possibilities!

Lucky 7 Nanny Doe Synthetic – An Extremely Effective confidence scent that smells like a wary mature doe. Other deer feel safe.