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What’s in this Bottle of Synthetic Deer Scent Anyway?

What is in that bottle of synthetic deer scent? That is a good question. In many cases, the guy selling it to you doesn’t even know!

It is no secret there are big scent companies that sell bulk scent as a private label to other companies. There is not necessarily anything wrong with that. Where it gets a bit iffy is when these same people make all kinds of claims that aren’t very accurate. They claim to have done research and development for years and studied deer urine and glandular fluid. They claim lots of testing. They claim to be experts. But the fact remains, THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT ACTUAL CHEMICALS ARE IN THE BOTTLE! Is that an honest practice? You be the judge.

There are limits to the claims. They are stuck with the information the bulk vendor gives them. That is why details are missing. For instance, they rarely claim pheromone content. After all, it would be hard to claim that if the manufacturer themselves doesn’t use synthetic pheromones (almost none do and I could not prove any at all truly did) that their scent contains them. To be able to claim their scents are unique, the companies that use bulk manufacturers generally get “blends”. Company A tells the manufacturer that they want a scent with perhaps 40% of their preexisting buck urine formula, 40% doe urine formula and 20% deer musk. If no other customer has that exact ratio of preexisting scents, it is now their “proprietary formula”. Nope, they STILL have no idea what chemicals are in it. And Company B may have the same three base products of buck, doe and musk, but in a 45%, 45%, 10% ratio. Does either company truly have a unique, cutting-edge product? Again, you be the judge. And that is the best case. Most of the time the manufacturer supplies a scent based on almost no input from the customer at all.

Again, there is nothing wrong with supplying bulk scents. It is the claims that can be misleading. Here at Nelson Creek Outdoors, we have done private labeling of our existing scents. No, the customers reselling them do not know the chemical ingredients. But we try to help them be accurate and honest in their marketing. When they aren’t, we have pulled back. The synthetic scent industry has enough snake oil in it already for us to participate in it.

We have now begun launching our bulk scents exclusively for private labeling. The line is called Buck It Scents (yes, the name is a bit of fun, plus bulk scents often come in buckets).Do you want to have an EXCELLENT scent in your bottle? Send us an email. We will help you get set up and give you information for your marketing needs that will be honest yet excite your customer. No, we won’t disclose chemical formulas either, they cost a lot in R&D to just give away, but with the high quality of our scents, you will have plenty of ammo to stand out from the crowd. And because I am the foremost expert in synthetic deer scent technology, you should be PROUD you sourced an effective product from the best in the business. Heck, that alone could go on your label!

Our Lucky 7 Scents have the right odor, chemicals, pheromones and composition to paint the perfect illusion to attract deer. Quality products make good deer scents, not silly trademarked names or copyrighted phrases. Our Buck It bulk deer scents will be awesome as well, at an affordable cost for your reselling efforts. We DO NOT just have pee perfumes that fool the hunter more than the deer.

Have a private label? Let’s talk!

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