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Pure Real Whitetail Urine Versus Synthetic Scents

Pure whitetail urine has been used for a very long time to attract bucks and cover your scent. When fresh and collected with care, it can be very good for attracting whitetail deer. It also has some limitations.

Real deer urine needs to be kept fresh.

This is the biggest drawback of deer pee for hunting. It spoils, and it can spoil very fast in some conditions. Left overnight in a hot car, it will degrade rapidly. Bacteria will turn it into a foul smelling putrid liquid. So does time on a shelf in a retail environment. Preservatives like sodium benzoate can extend the time before it spoils, but itself can damage the urine. Under refrigeration and best storage, you still only have a couple months of viable product.

Real deer urine can be contaminated.

Collecting deer urine and keeping it pure and clean is difficult. Feces can easily contaminate it, along with cleaning fluids, feed particles, etc. This makes it imperative that you choose a supplier you can trust to care about such things. Poor deer farm operators are likely to have poor product.

Pure urine is almost a must. Adding gland tinctures like tarsal will damage the urine.

Some genuine pee product claim to have added secretions from deer glands. However, this is a bit of a dubious claim. First, since deer put out very little of these secretions, how can enough volume be collected to make scents? It is known that many are “tinctured” with alcohol to be added to the urine. This of course greatly dilutes the gland secretion and contaminates and damages the urine. In either case, it is not ideal.

Real deer products like urine have been banned in many states with more states sure to follow.

CWD is now in several states. Like it or not, this has caused several states to ban real deer urine for hunting. You can no longer use any deer derived natural products so you must move to a synthetic.

The time for using a natural product is coming to and end in many ways. However, it isn’t all bad news. Synthetic scents are now in the marketplace. Historically, many have been poorly made. The bulk synthetic scent industry has been gobbling up hunter money for inferior product. We take a much different path. Lucky 7 Scents are very high quality products designed using science mimicking nature to provide extremely effective synthetic scents.

Synthetic scents have an extremely long, perhaps indefinite shelf life.

Formulation of these deer lures doesn’t have to conform 100% to nature. Therefore, there are no contaminants and some ingredients can be modified to give them infinite shelf life. Under all temperature and all conditions, these lures will last an incredibly long time. This includes in a hot trunk or from deer season to deer season.

Synthetic urine can contain glandular fluids without issue.

Adding the odors and chemicals and pheromones of glandular secretions is not a problem in synthetics. You can create them in any amount and make them 100% compatible with the synthetic urine. This creates scents that are even BETTER than nature.

Synthetic pee has a better scent profile than real urine.

Chemistry can accomplish a lot. You can make scent time release. You can add more of an attractive ingredient to the lure, more than nature does and increase its effectiveness. You can make scent signatures that are always at their peak. To a deer, it is possible in a quality synthetic scent to make it more attractive under all conditions than the real thing!

Synthetic urine is superior to the real McCoy!

With the ability to make time release versions, higher scent output versions, longer scent delivery versions and no worry of spoilage, synthetic deer scents are superior to real whitetail urine. It can be made water resistant, or improve how it disperses from a drag rag. It can be added to polymer gel beads without being bruised. It can sit on a shelf for YEARS and still be effective. It cannot spread CWD. It can be made into gels, solid pieces, mixed with soil, etc. You can also add some “secret sauce” to increase its all around effectiveness. In almost every way, great quality synthetic scents, like Nelson Creek Outdoors’ Synthetic Scents are superior to pure whitetail urine. They are truly worth exploring!

Pure Whitetail Urine

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