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Florida Whitetail Deer Rut Map

Several southern states have varied peak rut dates across their area instead of one rut for the entire state. Florida is one state in which this occurs. The map below shows the timing of peak whitetail deer breeding periods (Click to Enlarge):

Florida Whitetail Deer Rut Map

As the whitetail rut approaches in the state of Florida, it is the appropriate  time to start using Lucky 7 scents created for this breeding period. The Florida map above shows each area’s rut period. There are several areas of the Sunshine State where the whitetails have different rutting periods. While multiple breeding periods can cause confusion, it does offer FL hunters a few different opportunities. The TOP scents to use for the whitetail deer breeding period are Lucky 7 “The Juice” and Lucky 7 A.S.S. The innovative formulas of these potent scents both include synthetic doe peak estrus urine, along with both whitetail doe vaginal discharge and pheromones. A.S.S. has the synthetic vaginal discharge contents of a doe that has recently come into season and is now looking to breed. “The Juice” has the vaginal discharge of a doe that has already been actively breeding with the bucks in the territory, adding some buck type odors that challenge the dominant bruiser in your area. Both of these extremely effective lures are amazingly effective at bringing in dominant bucks during the whitetail rut in Florida. There are no other scent providers that offer a more effective scent for harvesting massive trophy bucks. They don’t even come close.

By following the map above and using a superior quality Lucky 7 buck lure, you can supercharge your rut hunts and move the odds in your favor of harvesting a megabuck!

Florida Map of the Whitetail Deer Rut