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Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant For Deer


A Lucky 7 Deer Mineral Site Brings In More Deer!


Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant Deer Mineral Site








Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant – Deer seek out a mineral site as they crave minerals in their diet. It helps improve antler growth and fawn health. You can put out various products and deer may use that site to some degree… but only if they can find them. Lucky 7 TMA is formulated to have a unique aroma and flavor that is irresistible to deer and to have the chemistry to disperse its scent into the air over long distances. Deer will find this salt lick site FAST and use it every day and more, especially during antler growth. It provides them with the salt lick and healthful minerals they are looking for, improved by flavors they will be unable to resist. The protein is an added bonus for your herd’s health. Hunters that want to see more deer on their properties, literally pulling them from neighboring land, trust in Lucky 7 TMA over competing brands.  One 5lb bag conveniently creates a deer mineral site that lasts for months. See our Youtube page for its many versatile uses and instructional videosBUY NOW - Deer Mineral Antler Growth Salt Lick