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Deer Attractants


Bring Deer In Closer


Deer Attractants and Minerals by Lucky 7







Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant – A powdered trace mineral supplement with a flavor designed to be irresistible to deer, along with the chemistry to carry its attractive aroma over a distance to bring deer in from far.

Lucky 7 Whitetail Miracle – This all new attractant has been in the works for many years with lots of research into exactly what aromas and flavors deer are most attracted to. Nothing brings in more deer.

Our food based deer attractants are second to none! We have done the field work to determine exactly what food items deer love and what combinations of ingredients work best together to be effective attractants. Plus, we make sure they are healthy for the deer. Quality is important to us! Not only are these products attractive to deer, they are also healthy for them. Use them as a deer topper on your feed and mineral offerings not only to bring them in, but also to increase the nutritional value.