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Doe In Heat

Doe In Heat

Doe In Heat is doe urine collected at the optimal time during the estrus cycle. It also refers to synthetic urine formulations that accurately mimic peak estrus cycle doe pee. It is arguably the most popular deer lure used to attract big bucks. Doe In Heat can really pack a punch and dominant bucks in rut often respond with great intensity. Breeding drive can trip up even the wisest old buck!

Lucky 7 Doe In Heat PLUS

Nelson Creek Outdoors offers several versions of doe estrus urine. The first is Lucky 7 Doe In Heat PLUS. This synthetic lure is peak doe estrous urine along with our Maximum Pheromonal Response formula. It appears as a single breeding age whitetail doe that is at the peak of her cycle and ready to breed. Bucks are compelled to seek her out during the rut.

Lucky 7 The Juice Synthetic Doe In Heat

Our next two scents in this category incorporate even more synthetic technology into the mix. Lucky 7 Advanced Synthetic Scent (A.S.S.) is peak doe in heat urine, pheromones along with the vaginal secretions of a deer that has just become ready to breed. Bucks will strive to be her first. Lucky 7 “The Juice” is the same peak estrus urine and pheromones, but the vaginal secretions of a doe that has already been breeding bucks. This adds aggression to the mix as the dominant bucks will want to pass on their genes and run off the breeding interloper.

Nelson Creek Outdoors has even more additional doe in heat scent varieties. Below are all the scents in this category as of this article. Click on each to learn even more about them! Additionally, check out our Hunting Pictures page to see more of the great harvests our customers have made while using these scents and others. Read our other articles for tips on how to best use these great scents and lures.

Doe In Heat