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Whitetail Alchemy Scent Eradicator Odor Elimination Spray


Kills Odors That Scare Deer


Whitetail Academy Scent Eradicator Odor Elimination Spray








Whitetail Alchemy Scent Eradicator – A Big Buck will always trust his nose. If he smells human odor or another scent that doesn’t fit into his environment, you will either never see him, or just see him flag you as he runs off. Our Scent Eradicator spray with Hunter Cloaking Technology uses multiple action chemistry to be a scent killer of both human odors and to absorb and eliminate other odors that may get on your clothing or gear. This isn’t a water and baking soda mixture, it is truly a hi-tech odor eliminating formulation equaled by no other. Spray it on your clothing or gear and it will not only instantly kill odors, it will continue to eliminate them even after drying. No crusting or other residue is left behind. This is a premium scent elimination spray.BUY NOW - Scent Eradicator Odor Elimination Spray