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Buck Urine

buck urine

Buck urine scents can really be a truly great asset when trying to attract the local dominant buck to your stand. These scents are based on the actual urine of the male whitetail and often contain glandular fluids as well. These lures can also be made from synthetic buck urine and fluids which are often superior to the natural products in shelf life and effectiveness. No wonder such scents are becoming increasingly more popular with skilled whitetail hunters.

synthetic buck urine

Nelson Creek Outdoors has a few lures that contain synthetic buck urine and glandular secretions. Our first scent is Lucky 7 Buck In Rut MAX. This scent not only has buck pee, but also tarsal and other glandular secretions. This is a great scent for making mock scrapes to attract and catalog deer all year long. Using it in combination with a preoribital/ licking branch scent can be very effective and deadly during the deer hunting season. Once the rut begins, adding a doe estrus scent can enhance its effectiveness by adding an additional sex drive component.

scent of buck urine

Another really fantastic scent that contains buck pee is Lucky 7 MAXX’D OUT! Mock Scrape Spray. This useful formula also contains doe and buck tarsal gland, interdigital gland, non-estrus doe urine and some “secret sauce”. It is the absolute perfect combination of scents to simulate a community scrape with one easy to use product formula. There is also Lucky 7 MAXX’D OUT! RUT Mock Scrape Spray. It uses doe estrus urine and extra tarsal gland secretions to amp it up for the rut period. This formula is very effective, especially just before the peak of the rut.

Below are all of the fantastic scents that we make at Nelson Creek Outdoors that contain synthetic buck urine. You can click on the pictures below to learn more about each of these quality lures. We strive to have scents available for the many different ways people hunt so you can find an excellent version that best fits your style of deer hunting. In our NEWS area, you can find additional articles on our available scents and on how we like to use them under particular circumstances and during particular times of the year.

Buck Urine