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Innovative New Products For Deer Hunting 2022

Innovative new products for deer hunting do still come out, despite the crowded marketplace. If you want outstanding original products from companies that lead the way in innovation, here are a few to look out for.

Lucky 7 Scents by Nelson Creek Outdoors are always the leaders in their class. These can be entirely new scents, or updates to already effective existing products. For 2022, a new scent will reach Level 2 testing. It is a great synthetic product that will completely dominate the buck urine with tarsal class of scents. Final formulation is still underway, but last year’s testing has, without a doubt, proven it will be fantastic. In the doe estrus/ doe cooter class of synthetics, Lucky 7 “The Juice” is already one of the best scents to ever hit the synthetic deer scent market. It is unparalleled in its effectiveness at attracting HUGE dominant bucks and truly riling them up with its combination of synthetic peak estrus urine, Maximum Pheromonal Response component and vaginal secretions of an actively breeding doe. Watch for this scent to top the favorites list again in 2022, better than ever! We created this doe cooter class of scents and will always lead the pack. In fact, check out one of our other New Products Voted Best Deer Attractant of 2022.  We are always ranked among the best of the best!

Other companies have also dominated their areas of expertise. For broadhead technologies, that company is Veteran Innovative Products or VIP Archery. Their Momentum Management Technology allows their broadheads to maintain optimal arrow flight, maximizing accuracy and penetration. With the blades that fold to bypass bone easily, pass-throughs are almost certain while creating a huge wound channel. 100% Made in the USA, these tips are not only deadly, but are also durable and each will easily dispatch multiple animals without damage. Razor sharp, nearly indestructible and field point accurate, VIP Archery should be your go to source for quality broadheads. Check out the new Ranger and Commander in 2022!

If you are into minerals and deer feed mixes, look to further than The Mix For Deer. Their products are formulated both as attractants and supplements. Use them to bring in deer and keep them healthy. Many flavors are available to match what your deer like. For 2022, check out the new Super Cherry Mix. This bold flavor is sure the get the deer coming to your feed or mineral location with their mouths watering.

At Nelson Creek Outdoors, we support other small innovative outdoors and hunting companies. We hope you choose them over their larger counterparts as well for the best quality products from people who have a passion for them.

Innovative New Products For Deer Hunting 2022

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