News Updates from Nelson Creek Outdoors


Broken Trolling Motor and a New Deer Stand

Well, last week my 40 year old Minn Kota 565W trolling motor broke a cable. Unfortunately, Minn Kota cannot even tell they ever made them the length I have. I did originally buy what the manual said, but they were about 54″ long. Mine are nearly 10 feet! So aRead More

What We Have Been Up To at Nelson Creek Outdoors This Spring

Hello everyone, just a quick update on what we have been up to so far this spring. Last month we put in our mineral site using Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant. This product is formulated to really bring the deer in from afar. While it does contain minerals for antlerRead More

Hunt With A Legacy Firearm

By Curt Carter Last year, I harvested my first buck ever during the gun deer season. I was privileged to harvest it with my late father’s 30/30. What follows is my story about Dad and I, and hunting, and hunting with a legacy firearm. I had spent most of myRead More

Early Season Deer Scents

 Early season deer scent selections often differ from what you would use the rest of the year. Here is a quick overview of the scents I recommend for early season deer hunting. The scent I would use most in early season, even before the season starts, would be a goodRead More

Outdoors Industry Big Companies/ Bad Actors

I struggled on whether or not to write this article. It isn’t really about hunting and fishing or the outdoors, but more about how some of the bigger companies selling to sportsmen are completely without morals and a sense of decency. As a small company, advertising costs can be high.Read More

Can You Fool A Deer’s Nose?

While I have a great personal passion for the outdoors, spend a lot of time hunting and fishing or preparing to do so, Nelson Creek Outdoors is also a business. Our business is to help our customers enjoy their outdoors activities more and harvest more game, primarily through hunting andRead More

NEW Hog In Heat Scent – Synthetic Hog Urine

Hogs are unfortunately taking over more and more areas, causing mayhem and destruction in many areas across the country. They rip up the ground, destroy crops and cause stress on other game animals. There is certainly a need to harvest more hogs. On the brighter side, hunting hogs is alsoRead More

What is the Best Buck Lure?

Picking out the best overall buck lure isn’t an easy task. There are many scents, including all of Nelson Creek Outdoors’ deer hunting scents, you can use to lure in a big buck. Let’s explore this a bit more. To narrow down this group to a single best choice ofRead More

Best Deer Attractant 2020

What is the best deer attractant for 2020? As more and more states ban or regulate real deer urine, it certainly looks like synthetic deer urine is going to continue to grow in popularity. That is just fine with us, as Nelson Creek Outdoors leads the entire industry in qualityRead More

Best Hunting Cover Scent 2020

Well, the 2019 Deer Hunting Season is almost over. So we are now looking forward to next year as we talk about the soon to be released Best Hunting Cover Scent of 2020! We are well known here at Nelson Creek Outdoors for our great quality, incredibly effective hunting scentRead More