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News Updates from Nelson Creek Outdoors


Do Cover Scents Work for Whitetail Deer?

The whitetail deer has an absolutely incredible nose. They can smell things that are present in tiny amounts and from great distances. They can detect odors from food sources, mineral sources, predators and other whitetails we simply cannot perceive. However, some people seem to believe they have a chemistry setRead More

What’s in this Bottle of Synthetic Deer Scent Anyway?

What is in that bottle of synthetic deer scent? That is a good question. In many cases, the guy selling it to you doesn’t even know! It is no secret there are big scent companies that sell bulk scent as a private label to other companies. There is not necessarilyRead More

Southern States and the Variation of Peak Whitetail Rut Dates

The rut of the southern whitetail deer is one of the most fascinating breeding phenomena in the wild. Every year, bucks take part in a mating ritual to locate and mate with does. This ritual, known as the rut, varies from region to region and can be quite different betweenRead More

Florida Whitetail Deer Rut Map

Several southern states have varied peak rut dates across their area instead of one rut for the entire state. Florida is one state in which this occurs. The map below shows the timing of peak whitetail deer breeding periods (Click to Enlarge): As the whitetail rut approaches in the stateRead More

Arkansas Whitetail Deer Rut Map

A few southern states have varied peak rut dates in various areas. Arkansas is one such state. The map below shows when the peak whitetail deer breeding times occur (Click to Enlarge): As the season leads up to the rut in your area of Arkansas, it is a very goodRead More

Georgia Whitetail Deer Rut Map

Some southern states have various peak rut dates in various areas. Georgia is one of these states. The map below shows when the whitetail deer breeding times are (Click to Enlarge): Once the rut begins in your area of Georgia, it is the perfect time to start using Lucky 7Read More

Mississippi Whitetail Deer Rut Map

While many states have only one rut period and don’t require a detailed whitetail rut map, Mississippi had a much broader range of dates for the deer breeding season. The diagram below outlines the major time periods (Click to open larger version): As you get into pre-rut activity in theRead More

Alabama Whitetail Deer Rut Map

Most states have a single rut period and don’t require a detailed whitetail rut map like Alabama does. In this state, there are multiple ruts occurring during the year and the below map will be very useful (Click to open larger version): Once the rut starts in your area ofRead More

Louisiana Whitetail Deer Rut Map

The whitetail deer rut is important to deer hunters all across North America. In most states, the rut happens across the state at the same time. In Louisiana, however, there are several different rut periods. See the map below (click to enlarge): Once the rut begins in your area ofRead More

How Scents DON’T Work – Pheromones Facts

Just throw out a scent and the animals will come, right? That is what some scent companies want you to think, especially synthetic scent companies. Guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! I am sure you have seen scent companies that show their stuff bringing down all kinds of game.Read More