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News Updates from Nelson Creek Outdoors


Pure Whitetail Urine Versus Synthetic Scents

Pure whitetail urine has been used for a very long time to attract bucks and cover your scent. When fresh and collected with care, it can be very good for attracting whitetail deer. It also has some limitations. Real deer urine needs to be kept fresh. This is the biggestRead More

Synthetic Buck Urine To Attract Other Bucks

Synthetic Buck Urine can be used to attract other bucks almost all season long. Why? for several reasons we will explore below. Other than the rut or at feeding areas, bucks and does do not spend much time interacting directly with each other. While they will communicate through mock scrapes,Read More

Synthetic Deer Scents – Dirty Little Secret

Even the mere mention of synthetic deer scents can created a heated debate in your favorite hunting Facebook group. Any positive post is immediately followed by a myriad of negative ones. The usual claim is that synthetic scents do not work. They don’t fool deer nor interest them. And, ifRead More

Bucks of America Podcast: Lucky 7 Scents

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Bucks of America Podcast. I hope you take the time to listen. I talk about Lucky 7 Scents, Mock Scrapes, Pheromones and other topics.

The Advancement of Doe In Heat Scent

When I mention the advancement of doe in heat scent, I am actually talking about a couple different ideas. First is the overall direction of a scent company’s doe estrus products. The second part of the question is how preexisting scents are handled as advancements are made. I get thisRead More

Does Synthetic Deer Urine Expire or Go Bad?

Many people ask if synthetic deer urine expire or go bad. The best answer I can give is NO. Synthetic deer urine formulas are superior to real urine in many ways. First is the fact that they will never get bacteria laden and break down like real urine will. InRead More

Mastering Mock Scrapes – Videos

We released two of the three part series on Mastering Mock Scrapes. Videos below. I’ll add the third once filmed and completed…  

Use Doe In Heat Scent To Target Rutting Bucks

Why is Doe In Heat Scent Effective Doe in Heat urine is effective because bucks can detect the estrus condition of the doe and it drives them to want to breed and reproduce. With FRESH real urine, his can be both by smell and by detecting the pheromones in theRead More

Mock Scrapes: A Yearly Plan

Mock scrapes are a very underrated tool for targeting big whitetail bucks. While most people think of scraping as a rut activity, deer utilize these territorial and breeding markings almost all year long (in the north, they can be hard to use when buried under several inches of snow). SpringRead More

Best Rut Scents For 2021

Looking for the Best Rut Scents for 2021? Nelson Creek Outdoors’ Lucky 7 line up has them in our Maximum Pheromonal Response scents! This year we will have full production of two of these cutting edge rut scents. The first is Lucky 7 “The Juice” (we did allow this toRead More