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Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scent For Deer Hunting


Non-Food Based Cover Scents


Lucky 7 Dirty Squirrel Nuts - Dirt Cover Scent








Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scent – If you want to fool a Big Buck, you need to first fool his nose. Our line of Premium cover scents will help hide your odor and that of your equipment. Lucky 7 Dirty Squirrel Nutz simulates the smell of squirrels actively burying acorns, something deer will want to be a part of. Lucky 7 Just Plain Dirt is the smell of fresh turned earth alone, and is the perfect universal cover scent no matter where, when or for what you are hunting. Last in our line up is Lucky 7 Natural Cedar. This scent uses natural cedar oils to help you hide your odor when hunting around cedars and other pine trees. These premium cover scents are NOT food based like our Cover Scent and Spray Attractant line and should not be consumed by people or animals. BUY NOW - Dirt, Earth, Acorn Cover Scent