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Best Hunting Cover Scent 2020

Well, the 2019 Deer Hunting Season is almost over. So we are now looking forward to next year as we talk about the soon to be released Best Hunting Cover Scent of 2020! We are well known here at Nelson Creek Outdoors for our great quality, incredibly effective hunting scentRead More

Hunting Cover Scent – Types and Uses

Hunting cover scent comes in a dizzying array of types and smells. It can be confusing to say the least. I am going to try to go over the varying types and how they are best used. While I have formulated some excellent cover scents, they do tend to beRead More

How to Correctly Use Doe In Heat

Doe in heat is a great scent to use for deer hunting. This time of year, we get LOTS of orders for it. However, using it incorrectly can actually hurt your hunt more than it helps in some circumstances. Doe in heat urine is best used during the rut (or,Read More

Opening Archery Season 2019- Murphy’s Law

So today was the opening of the 2019 deer archery season. It started a bit rough, but not overly unlucky. I got to bed around midnight and got out of bed about 2am to shower (with unscented body wash) and load the rest of my gear in the truck. LeftRead More

Deer Hunting Scent Control

I am often asked: “What do you do for deer hunting scent control”? I thought I would post a quick article on what I do. The first step of my scent control regimen is to make sure my clothes don’t stink out in the woods. I buy a scent freeRead More

Best Deer Scent 2019? – It Could Be!

When I claim the Best Deer Scent 2019, I do not do so lightly. We are launching our newest synthetic scent, Lucky 7 Synthescent Whitetail Deer TRAX and it may very well turn out to be the best deer scent in your arsenal. Our new Whitetail Deer TRAX is  madeRead More

Best Deer Attractant 2019

What is the best deer attractant for 2019? We have covered some of this before, but I know a review is always beneficial. For the over all population of deer hunters, I do believe most will do very well using our SYNTHESCENT line of synthetic deer attractants in 2019. WeRead More

Bass Fishing – Next Time Be Prepared, Dummy!

I am going to defend myself right out of the gate. It has been an odd year. With the cool Wisconsin weather, long time lake patterns on my favorite lake are not sticking to the norm. The weedlines are changing dramatically. As they have died off rapidly, oxygen depletion seemsRead More

The Struggles of Finding Post Spawn Bass

Early bass fishing can be pretty easy. They are generally shallow and easy to see. Bass are on the beds, attacking everything that moves. Pick a lure, put it near a bed, and you can catch a bass. The action is fast and it can be a lot of fun.Read More

Slow Start of a Cold Year Bass Fishing

It is spring, right? The weather just will not cooperate with my bass fishing plans. Every weekend is cold, windy and rainy. Water temps in the low 50’s opening weekend really had the bass in a bad mood. They were in shallower water, but they were completely buried in theRead More