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News Updates from Nelson Creek Outdoors


Lucky 7 Heritage Buck Lure – A Classic Scent Updated

When our forefathers first came to the Americas, they had to learn many new things. In order to survive, they had to learn to gather and hunt the local food sources. This included the whitetail deer. Not having these animals where they came from, our ancestors needed to learn howRead More

Synthetic Deer Scent Powder?

I have been asked why I created a synthetic deer scent powder, Lucky 7 Mock Scrape Magic. The easy answer? Because I can. This powdered deer scent came about from some research I was doing. Synthetic scents you find on the market can contain just about anything. In the caseRead More

Hunting Scent Blocker Versus Scent Eliminator

There are two ways to stop odor from negatively affecting the deer. A hunting scent blocker versus a scent eliminator. Let’s start with scent elimination. This is what products like our Whitetail Alchemy Liqwid Ozone do. They actually destroy the odor molecule, ripping it apart by oxidizing the molecule. The odorRead More

Interdigital Gland of Deer

The interdigital gland of deer is probably the least understood of all the glands (metatarsal in whitetails is a close second). There are some articles online that contain bad information and I hope maybe to clear that up. The interdigital gland is located between the “toes” of the whitetail deer,Read More

Mock Deer Scrape

There is a mock deer scrape on my property I made last year. It wasn’t getting much action since it was buried under the snow (although they did dig up some others through the snow). I went up to plant some trees, both Black Hills Spruce and Swamp White Oaks,Read More

What is a Mock Scrape?

What is a Mock Scrape? A mock scrape is simply a reproduction of a natural scrape made by deer. Most hunters make them to hang a trail camera or to hunt over. You simply create one by scraping a spot on the ground about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet inRead More

Synthetic Deer Urine – Choose the Best

Synthetic deer urine can be excellent. The problem is it can also be terrible. So how do you pick a synthetic scent product? Follow some of the guidelines below. What defines synthetic deer urine? This is the biggest issue a person must face when selecting scents. Because they are syntheticRead More

Deer Hunting Wisconsin

Wisconsin Nelson Creek Outdoors/ Lucky 7 Scents is located in the great state of Wisconsin. In our state, we have both excellent deer numbers and quality bucks. To top it off, we lead the country in terms of Boone and Crockett entries. I would say we have it pretty good.Read More

Do Deer Scents Actually Work?

There is one question I see online a lot, on both Facebook and various deer hunting message boards. Do Deer Scents Actually Work? First, let’s mention the two basic types of deer scents people think about. These would be urine/ glandular based scents and food based scents. Each is veryRead More

Doe Bleat Call and Synthetic Scents

The doe bleat call (or doe grunt) can be a very effective tool in a hunter’s arsenal. Using a doe call during the pre-rut/ rut period can bring in dominant bucks that may ignore a buck grunt. After all, they are looking for does to breed, the fights are secondary.Read More