Lucky 7 Liquid Fish Attractants


Won’t Spoil, Concentrated Scent and Flavor


Lucky 7 - Catfish Attractant - Stinky Cheese








Lucky 7 Catfish Attractant – Stinky Cheese – Channel catfish and other catfish love the aroma and flavor of this product! It can be used on lures or live bait, or added to dough to make the best dough and stink baits you have ever used. Catfish will home in on this concentrated scent quickly and from a good distance away. Over 40X more powerful than other scents. Enhances any bait it is used with. Place a 2oz bottle in your tacklebox, it will never rot or go bad and will last a very long time.

Lucky 7 Gamefish Attractant – Baitfish Massacre – The 40X concentrated aroma and flavor of injured baitfish will trigger strikes from nearly all game and panfish species. Used with both live bait and artificial lures, this product will help you put more fish in the boat, even on days that would otherwise be fairly slow. More fish will find your lure, desire your lure and hold on to that lure longer. It can stimulate a feeding frenzy. Use in any season, any water temperature, freshwater or saltwater.Buy Now - Catfish and Game Fish Attractants