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Experts in Attraction!

Sick and tired of Big Brand deer scents that are cheap junk in a fancy bottle? I was! I am an engineer, a chemist and an outdoorsman. I knew I could do better than they have! I researched deer urine, secretions and pheromones, studied the data and created Lucky 7 Scents, the most advanced, effective line of synthetic deer scents ever made. Ready to try them? Click the SHOP NOW button below. Otherwise go ahead and look over this site for more information.

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Nelson Creek Outdoors

Nelson Creek Outdoors is dedicated to providing our customers with the best outdoor adventures possible. Many of us have a limited amount of time available to spend outdoors pursuing our hunting and fishing goals. We all would like to have better success, whether it is harvesting game for the freezer or having a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime trophy animal. Our many years of experience in the outdoors, coupled with the proven research and data that goes into all of our deer hunting and fishing scents and attractants, allows us to bring you items that will enhance and improve your outdoor moments. We’ll help you in your quest for that Big Ol’ Buck or help you land that Giant Bass and share our personal adventures with you. Whether a bow, crossbow or fishing rod is your “tool of choice”, NCO can help to boost your outdoor experience and success.



Lucky 7 Deer Scents and Attractants

NCO is intent on providing our customers with innovative hunting and fishing products that really work, without the hype, using a real “truth in advertising” approach. Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant was the first product in the Lucky 7 line.  This was followed up by more Lucky 7 products, including Cover Scents, FRESH real urine Love Potion #7, industry-leading Synthetic Deer Scents and extremely effective Fishing Attractants. We are also starting the Whitetail Alchemy line of products with Scent Eradicator, a high-tech solution to reducing human odor. Our products are developed to endure top quality and extreme effectiveness. We never skimp on our scents and attractants and each new one will not only contain the newest technologies, they will be made better from our outdoors experiences of today. We promise to deliver the type on innovative and exceptional products you need to be a better hunter or fisherman. There is just too much to list here, see more info on the PRODUCTS page.



Our DreamWhere would we like to go from here? We’d like to grow this company out to the point where we can have funds to help introduce new people to the outdoors. We would love to be able to help people that would otherwise not get to enjoy the outdoors, such as kids living in the city and disabled veterans. As hunter numbers are currently declining, we are hoping to help reverse that trend. If you’d like to help us achieve that goal, I hope you give our products a try and help us in our dream to bring the great outdoors to another young group of hunters and fisherman. We are positive you will be glad you did as the Lucky 7 line of hunting attractants and fishing scents are truly second to none!



Lucky 7 Synthescent Hog in Heat - HOT PORK

Lucky 7 Synthescent Hog in Heat – HOT PORK

Nelson Creek Outdoors has taken its expertise in synthetic scent technology and created the most realistic hog scent available… with Pheromones!