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Deer Scent Dealers Wanted

We Offer Lucky 7 Scents o dealersLucky 7 Scents are Premium Quality Synthetic Deer Scents. Our customers enjoy fantastic success while using our products in the field. We would like more deer hunters to be able to share in these successes.

If you own an online outdoors store or a brick and mortar retail location, consider adding Lucky 7 Scents to your offerings. Our quality and effectiveness bring in customers and repeat purchases are the norm. Our product line up is expanded every year as we research ever better formulations for our customers and partners. These scents are so effective, they will NOT sit on the shelves and will be among your best selling products year after year. Lucky 7 Scents are well known to be the best in the industry.

If you would like to find out more about offering our products, please use the CONTACT form. We will respond in a timely fashion, but earlier in the year is better. We do need time to bottle and fulfill your orders before the season starts. We have very reasonable minimums and will work with you to help make you a successful Lucky 7 Scents dealer.

Looking for some great products to add to your outdoors brand? We also offer private labeling of our scents with reasonable minimums. We supply them completely bottled and labeled, ready for sale. Sorry, no bulk sales by the gallon on Lucky 7 Scents, but we are now offering scents by the gallon for rebottle under our Buck It bulk scent brand!!

We are also considering Independent Sales Representatives. If interested in adding a synthetic deer scent to your line card, give us a shout.

Thank you for considering Lucky 7 Scents as part of your outdoors product offering.

– Brian