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Working in the Field to Make Great Products



Nelson Creek OutdoorsBrian is the owner of Nelson Creek Outdoors LLC. He started the company to help others get the most out of the often limited time sportsmen get to spend in the woods. With his own busy schedule, Brian wanted to have products that could help him connect with good deer even if he was unable to spend as much time preparing as he would like. By designing quality products that attract and hold deer, he greatly increased his success in the field. Now he shares these products with other busy hunters to help them achieve their hunting goals. Whether it is harvesting a big buck or getting deer in front of a trail camera, Nelson Creek Outdoors is here to help.

Brian’s background in engineering, chemistry and the outdoors has combined to create the foremost scent formulator in the industry. His focus on true biological attract includes synthetic glandular secretions and true pheromone content. He has also lead many hunters to the buck harvests of their lives using both his deer hunting knowledge and scent expertise.



Ken Pro StaffKen lives in Columbiana, OH and is one of our independent Pro Staffers. If he’s not hunting, he’s fishing, or out shooting to fine tune his skills. Bow hunting is his passion, but he does love rifle hunting as well. Ken started hunting and fishing when he was just seven years old with his father. He also loves to fish and his favorite species to target are catfish. His formative years were spent near the Ohio River where he hunted coyotes and whitetail deer.

“I love trying out new products and techniques, expanding my knowledge of the outdoors and becoming a better hunter and fisherman.”



Shane and Jase are from from Goodwater AL. Shane began learning to hunt with his Dad and family at around the age of 5 so it seemed only natural to start Jase out early as well. At the age of 3. he shot his first buck and by 4 took his first crossbow buck. At the age of 7, he is tagging out on bucks. Jase is on his way to becoming a great sportsman. As any father could hope, Jase will far surpass Shane as an outdoorsman. They love harvesting deer, turkeys, hogs, coyotes and going fishing, along with passing down family traditions and the knowledge that was handed down to them. They are Hunting Partners for Life .

“After getting discouraged by other main stream scent companies, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Nelson Creek Outdoors and their Lucky 7 Scents. Lucky 7 A.S.S Rutting Buck Attractant paired with Buck in Rut MAX has made for a very fun and eventful season. I recommend it to everyone now.”



Brad Prostaff

Hey yall. My name is Brad Collings. I’m an army veteran, EMT and volunteer fireman residing in Stewart County, Tennessee.

When I’m not chasing the next 911 call, I’m in the outdoors. Hunting for me is a release from the stress that comes from the hard parts of my job. I mainly bow hunt whitetail and use archery in the off season to deal with the stress. I started hunting and fishing at basically birth. I am working hard at passing that passion down to my 3 children.

You can find my family camping by the lake, wetting a line in the summer or hitting the woods year round scouting and hunting all kinds of game.

“I started using NCO products off a recommendation from a friend. Immediately I fell in love with the preobital gel and have had most success over a mock scrape with the gel on a licking branch. I have used other products in the past and had no luck. Once I got my NCO scents I Immediately had response in the woods and have been hooked since.”



Nelson Creek LandOur test site property is in North Western Wisconsin, the Nelson Creek property. Whitetails are fairly abundant in the area, mostly wooded lowlands surrounded by farmland. Most of our products are first tested at this location, then sent to our prostaff members across the country for further testing and refinement. Quality management has begun on this property and over time, we hope to show you the difference it can make in quality whitetails.