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Curiosity Deer Scents??? – NO!

Curiosity deer scents seem to be all the rage. JUST SAY NO! Think about it, a curious deer is an alert deer, not a calm one. Curiosity is not attraction. Instead, the deer are checking out something foreign that they do not recognize that is in their territory. These curiosity deer lures are not what you want and could hurt your chances at a quality buck. Curious deer are investigating the bad deer lure and on high alert! Wise deer, like the big dominant buck you are chasing, may spook and never return.

We have talked about our three-tiered approach to creating synthetic deer scents. Correct odor, correct chemicals present and correct items like taste and pH. Why do we strive to meet all these characteristics in our scents? To create FAMILIARITY. Familiarity in your deer scents is what you want. You want the deer to recognize your efforts as being other real deer, an odor they know well. Familiarity creates comfort and calm. Deer want to hang out where they smell other deer have been. They don’t want to hang out where foreign odors are plentiful. Often, they will simply vacate the area, only to return well after dark if at all.

Bucks are familiar with the smell of breeding does. Scents like Lucky 7 “The Juice” are so effective because deer recognize them as the odor of such an actively breeding doe. For hogs, our Lucky 7 Hog in Heat HOT PORK scent smells like an estrus sow. They recognize the odor and they synthetic hog pheromones (the right chemicals). This is how scents should work! By smelling like the attractive and familiar female in estrus, these scents bring the males in on a string. Our phenomenal results have proven this over and over again.

Our philosophy isn’t just used for estrus scents. It also holds true for almost all other categories of synthetic deer scents. Our calming and confidence scents also require this attention to detail to be as effective as our customers demand. Lucky 7 Deer Herd CALM smells like an area deer visit frequently, like a bedding or feeding area. To do so, it smells like deer urine, buck and doe, old and new. Just like such an active area would smell. Lucky 7 Nanny Doe smells just like the urine of a smart older doe. Deer trust wise old nanny does, so smelling their familiar odor makes them feel safe and want to be in the area. These scents paint a perfect picture for the deer by offering odors and other characteristics they recognize and desire to be around.

When choosing your scent for the deer season, make sure you choose one you can trust, a company that pays attention to the details and doesn’t just produce or rebottle common “pee perfume” type scents. Why waste a season hunting over something that at best may trigger a curiosity response, and instead choose one that generates true familiarity? In this case, we definitely recommend you get familiar with Lucky 7 Scents.

Curiosity deer scents

Curiosity Deer Scents Can Spook Deer!