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Trail Cameras Are In The Woods!

The weekend before last, a friend and I put out a few trail cameras. The trusty old Bushnell is back over a refreshed mineral site using our Lucky 7 – Trace Mineral Attractant. I love my mineral sites ready once the snow is gone, so I kick away the snow and drop the minerals. They will soak into the ground as it warms up, and our added attractant will allow it to be detected a great distance away. It is a great set up for cataloging the deer in our area.

A second cam is watching a trail that crosses water. There are some splits there that make it a good spot (I believe) to establish a licking branch using our scent-under-test, Lucky 7 Synthescent Pre-orbital/ Licking Branch GEL. I will start that licking branch once we lose the rest of the snow. Stay tuned.

The last cam is on a trail I have never watched nor hunted before. There is a thick, brushy area along the south side of my open woods area. I think it was started by a tornado many years ago. With all the wood on the ground and the brush that filled in the gap when the canopy opened up, the deer have formed a heavy trail alongside of it. As it leads to a different bedding area than the one I usually hunt off of, I think I might see additional deer I don’t see from some other stands. I have had deer show up on cams once in a year, never to be seen again. Perhaps it is because the normally use these different, parallel trails.

That’s it so far. We had wonderful weather putting out the cams. Couldn’t ask for better. Had a bite to eat n town after hanging cams, was a good day all around. Hopefully we get some good pictures.


Next adventure, I switch to a crossbow for 2018 so will be upgrading my ladder stand. Soon.