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It is Spring!

Spring is here. We already have some trail cams out, hope to check the pics next weekend. That addiction continues! In fact, I just bought a Spy Point Solar Cam to add to the current army of cams. Along with about 600 lithium AA batteries I have for the other cams, I should be set. My first cam, a Bushnell Trophy Cam, has had a few issues (clock/ date resetting, switch getting crusty). It will likely stay out now until it no longer functions.

Lakes are thawing rapidly. The walleyes should be running in Green bay any time now, and the crappies should be spawning in a few weeks at my favorite lake. I did buy a new truck this winter, a small Suzuki Grand Vitara. It is small, but it will pull my small boat and haul deer and gear just fine. Plus, with the small wheelbase and light weight, it is unstoppable off road. I plan on getting a kayak and fishing some remote places where the access is mostly a trail. The Suzuki should get me there. The Suzuki trailer hitch is a rusty mess, though. I ordered a new one. That should go on early next week. I already bought a Rubbermaid container to carry all the emergency supplies; jump starter unit, air pump, a few tools, blankets, etc. Just need to get some luggage rack crossbars yet.

I did get a turkey permit. Will have to start thinking about that in a couple weeks. Should I use the crossbow? Stay tuned.

Well, this update is more of a hodge podge of ideas and plans and hopes. That is what Spring is for. Hope you all have a great year outdoors.