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We Use What We Sell – Lucky 7 Scents!

We want to harvest deer, fish and other game as much as the next guy. That is why we started this company, to help us and others succeed in the outdoors even if they only get to spend limited time there. We have a great line up.

One of our customers’ favorites is Lucky 7 Cover Scent and Spray Attractant – Sweet Vanilla Thrilla. A remake of an old time favorite, this scent attracts deer while covering human odor. It just works. The Heroes Hunt for Veterans swears by it. Brazen Butternut is a good choice when mast products begin to appear.

Want to just disappear into the odor background with a more modern scent? Our Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scents will do that better than any others. Just Plain Dirt will hide you in the pungent smell of Fresh Earth, and Dirty Squirrel Nutz will add to that the smell of acorns being buried by those furry little tree rodents. Think of it as similar to the confidence decoy (heron or mudhen) in duck hunting. If squirrels are burying their winter stashes in the area, it must be safe and there is food present.

Everyone knows we carry real doe-in-heat urine. Lucky 7 – Love Potion #7 is a mix of estrus doe with just a touch of buck, really brings them in for the rut. For an added time release version, try the CrystalGel formula. Used in a scrape, it will release a blast of doe urine every time a buck works his scrape. He’ll think she was just there!

Our synthetics are truly second to none. They more than perfectly replicate real deer urine, but also contain added ingredients to really rile the Big Bucks up. Lucky 7 Synthescent Doe-In-Heat PLUS mimics doe estrus pee and contains a biological ingredient that makes it come alive and be detected as the true hormones of a doe. Buck-In-Rut MAX mimics the smell of buck pee with the added pungent, musky smell of the rut. This year, Pre-orbital/ Licking Branch GEL is added to the mix. You can use it any time of the season to create a branch deer will use to communicate, plus a licking branch adds the finishing touch to a mock scrape presentation. All three will soon be offered together as the Lucky 7 Synthescent Rut Kit PRO.

When you pick up your scents from us online, don’t forget to pick up other needed items. We have turkey calls, duck calls and deer calls, all very reasonable priced. We have fishing scents that are TERRIFIC and include Lucky 7 Baitfish Massacre for game fish and Stinky Cheese for catfish. We also offer a few select lures we have found to catch fish and offer a great value.

Everything we sell, we personally use on our own hunting and fishing outings. We only sell what works. We test extensively before we sell anything, and we continue to use it every year. Thank you again for being great customers. We hope to see you again this year!