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Lucky 7 MAXX’D OUT! Mock Scrape Spray & Lucky 7 Nanny Doe Synthetic Scents Released!

Lucky 7 MAXX'D OUT! Mock Scrape SprayLucky 7 MAXX’D OUT! Mock Scrape Spray and Lucky 7 Nanny Doe have been released for sale. They are available in the store NOW!

Our new Mock Scrape Spray is simply that: a mock scrape in a bottle. Many people have had great success creating them with our existing synthetic buck urine and preorbital gel products, but we also wanted to have a simpler, yet still extremely effective version for those who make a lot of mock scrapes or only want to carry one product into the woods. It comes in a cylindrical 8 ounce bottle with a mini sprayer top to be able to apply it quickly and thoroughly. Very easy to carry in a pack or coat pocket. Simply use a hand rake or stick to scrape up the dirt in an area up to two feet by two feet under an overhanging branch located near intersecting deer trails. Then saturate the exposed dirt with the spray. Also spray the surrounding brush and grasses and the overhanging licking branch. That’s it, you have completed your mock scrape. If you want to add some preorbital gel to the branch or some doe in heat during the rut, that can also be beneficial. Deer will begin to use the site soon. This synthetic scent also makes a great cover scent to mask human order. It smells like deer in a bottle.

Lucky 7 Nanny Doe Synthetic ScentOur newest synthetic nanny doe urine is a confidence scent. Mature does are known to be very alert and observant. They protect their fawns and herd members with an almost mystical awareness. Bucks and other does know this, so her presence comforts them and makes them feel safe. They are attracted to the areas she frequents. This scent perfectly mimics the urine of these older does and will attract them to your area. It, too, makes a good cover scent as well. It is a fantastic scent that is Extremely Effective all season long. Works well in a great variety of applications; spray on the ground or brush, use in a scent dripper or in a removable scent container like a Buck Cage. This scent will keep your deer “ever calm” even better than  the well-known scent of a familiar name.

We have released all the scents we plan to have out for 2020. We have added a lot to our line-up. At Nelson Creek Outdoors, we never just rest with the scents we have. We are always looking to the future to help our customer have the most rewarding hunts possible.

Thank you for your business. NCO continues to grow with your great support. We could not be happier and we awe it all to you!

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