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Louisiana Whitetail Deer Rut Map

The whitetail deer rut is important to deer hunters all across North America. In most states, the rut happens across the state at the same time. In Louisiana, however, there are several different rut periods. See the map below (click to enlarge):

Louisiana Whitetail Deer Rut Map

Once the rut begins in your area of Louisiana, it is time to start using rut scents. You can use the Louisiana map above to see your rut period. There are several populations of whitetails in this state and they each had a different rutting period. Once they interbred, even more rut periods were created. While it can be confusing, it does offer LA hunters some great extended opportunities. Some of the best scents to use for the breeding period are Lucky 7 “The Juice” and Lucky 7 A.S.S. Both of these great scents are synthetic formulations of doe peak estrus urine, along with vaginal discharge and pheromones. A.S.S. also has the synthetic vaginal discharge of a doe that has just become ready to breed. “The Juice” has the vaginal discharge of a doe that has already been actively breeding, which adds some aromas that challenge the dominant buck of the area. Both of these cutting edge scents are very effective at attracting bucks during the whitetail rut in Louisiana. No one makes a better scent for harvesting huge trophy bucks.

Following the map above and using a quality Lucky 7 scent, you can maximize the rut and tip the odds in your favor while deer hunting.

Louisiana Map of the Whitetail Deer Rut