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What We Have Been Up To at Nelson Creek Outdoors This Spring

Hello everyone, just a quick update on what we have been up to so far this spring.

Last month we put in our mineral site using Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant. This product is formulated to really bring the deer in from afar. While it does contain minerals for antler growth, it is actually focused on some overlooked needs of most deer hunters. It is a superior attractant when compared to all competing mineral products and is also more focused on doe health to produce healthy fawns in the Spring. NOTHING will help create superior bucks more than a healthy birth. That head start will stick with them for life. This year, we also put out The Mix For Deer, a product from Robbie Knickman. He is a great guy and puts out a nice deer feed product. We helped him a bit in formulating his new Vanilla Mix and he sent us a couple sample bags. I put it out with the 18lbs of the regular Mix I purchased at a discount. It did not last long, the deer ate all 26 lbs in a few days.

We put out a handful of trail cams and our Facebook Page has those images we have shared. We have one doe on the hit list so far this year. She is a large, old doe who is not pregnant this year. Well past her prime, we have decided to try to harvest her this year and reserve resources for younger, more productive animals. Our large 10 point buck appears to have made it through another winter. We believe he is about 7 years old now, he may be on the decline as well. However, he has outsmarted us for a few seasons already. He will likely be on the list, but it will be up to us to finally outwit him.

Mineral Site Deer FeedWe also planted a couple white spruce. We put them on “the island” to give bedding cover to deer and some place for the grouse to roost safe from predators. Deer generally don’t like to eat them so they are probably safe from that. However, bucks like to rub the trees I plant. We will see what happens!

And last Curt and I picked some ramps or wild leeks. Turns out the property is full of them in the back half. I made them with scrambled eggs and also made a leek and tomato soup. It was a recipe I completely made up on the fly. It was delicious! If you know where some of these are and have never tried them, I recommend you do.

Along with a little bass fishing, that is where we are for the year. We will add some more highlights as the year progresses. Stay tuned!