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Broken Trolling Motor and a New Deer Stand

Well, last week my 40 year old Minn Kota 565W trolling motor broke a cable. Unfortunately, Minn Kota cannot even tell they ever made them the length I have. I did originally buy what the manual said, but they were about 54″ long. Mine are nearly 10 feet! So a new Minn Kota Edge is on order for delivery next week. It has only a 5 feet cable steer, but I have never used mine from the back of the boat anyway! Going from the old 28 pounds of thrust to 45 pounds should be a nice upgrade. I have an old Minn Kota Maximizer in there as well, hope it can handle the higher current or wiring will get much harder.
Since fishing was out, I did get to the Nelson Creek property and put in Curt’s new deer stand with the help of his wife. It is a big maple, needed a lot of trimming (love my battery powered chainsaw), but the end result is a fantastic stand! Did some lane trimming and stacked brush to guide deer where we wanted. I upgraded to a 2 man stand (I am 350 pounds with gear, the 300 lb ratings of the one man stands is marginal) last year. Curt tried it out and liked it, so he now has a two man stand as well and moved to a better vantage point.  We put in in a large maple tree. The 40V Worx battery powered chainsaw is AWESOME for this work. It cuts fast and efficiently and is less noisy than the gas powered saws (and less stinky). No need to carry gas into the woods, either. The saw itself is very light. I have cut a lot of wood with this saw, never needed to use the extra batteries I have. I recommend getting one.
We also swapped some camera cards, releveled my stand and put out some pellets coated in Whitetail Miracle. Deer showed up less than an hour and a half after we left. With all the cutting we did, that is amazing how fast they came in! Video is below. Using the Whitetail Miracle as a feed topper on cheap pellets is effective and a real money saver.
All in all, a fun and productive day!