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What is the Best Buck Lure?

Best Buck LurePicking out the best overall buck lure isn’t an easy task. There are many scents, including all of Nelson Creek Outdoors’ deer hunting scents, you can use to lure in a big buck. Let’s explore this a bit more.

To narrow down this group to a single best choice of buck lure, I think we need to sift through some issues. The first issue that comes up is that of what time of year do most people hunt for large bucks? Speaking from experience, the rut is a time many hunters focus on bagging that buck with a monster rack. If that is the best time, then rut scents probably belong at the top of our list. NCO has several rut scents, from Lucky 7 Love Potion #7 Real Doe in Estrus Urine, to our two Lucky 7 Synthescents that work extremely well during the rut: Doe In Heat PLUS and Buck in Rut MAX. Both of these scents have been used by myself and our customers to bag some real dandies. If you chose either one of these two great synthetic products, you would do very well.

I like real urine. It is effective. However, I really like the easy handling of synthetic scents. No refrigeration is needed and they never spoil. If I don’t use it all up, I can save the bottle for next year. When used in the field in a scent dripper during warmer temperatures, they stay perfectly “fresh” the entire time. This is why my choice for best buck lure would likely be a synthetic urine.

As I mentioned earlier, Doe In Heat PLUS is also a great synthetic to use during the rut. However, doe estrus scents can scare non-estrus does out of the area in some regions. They simply do not want to be harassed by bucks that are chasing around hot does. If you want the chance at a doe for the freezer while waiting for your trophy buck, this may not be the best scent choice to use. If you have only a buck tag in your position, that concern goes away. However, since many of us have tags for both bucks and does, I believe for many people, Lucky 7 Synthescent Buck In Rut MAX is very likely the best buck lure to use to bag a trophy animal.

Our rutting buck synthetic lure is very versatile. You can use it in many different ways. You can use it on your boots or on a drag to cover your footsteps and have a buck follow it to you. You can put it in a real or mock scrape to rile up the dominant buck in your area. In a scent dripper over a scrape, this scent can help you get those nocturnal deer to appear during daylight hours. It also makes a good cover scent to help keep wary deer from picking up your odor. The only use I would not recommend is direct application to your clothes. Rutting bucks can be extremely unpredictable with rut based smells.

Why is Buck In Rut MAX so effective? It mates the smell of buck urine with glandular secretions, creating the aroma of a large buck in full rut mode. When a local buck comes across this scent, he believes he has a new rival in the area he calls home. He will come back often to refresh his markings and to try to run off this intruder from his territory. Their own heightened hormones push them to continually hunt this competitor down, they can’t resist this primal urge. This is what makes the scent the best buck lure for many buck hunters. While this product is great during the rut, it is actually quite effective all season long.

Despite this rutting buck scent being one of my go to scents, you will still want to try others. What works for me in my neck of the woods may not be exactly the same thing that works for you. Experiment to find what works for you and what works best all season long. Also, don’t forget to match your cover scent to your area and also practice odor management. Your next trophy buck is waiting for you, make sure you are using the best buck lure available!