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Best Deer Attractant 2020

What is the best deer attractant for 2020?

As more and more states ban or regulate real deer urine, it certainly looks like synthetic deer urine is going to continue to grow in popularity. That is just fine with us, as Nelson Creek Outdoors leads the entire industry in quality and effectiveness of synthetic scents. Plus, as of 2019, synthetic urine has reached the same volume of real pee sales. People are making the switch!

Best Deer Attractant 2020Of course, our Lucky 7 Synthescent Deer Scent line was last expanded in 2019, so why the claim for the new year? Not only are our deer lures still the best in the industry, we have also added a new format of these favorites: Lucky 7 Synthescent Gel Beads. We have made our real urine product, Lucky 7 Love Potion #7 in a Crystal Gel format for years and our customers love it for its time release properties. Now our three synthetic urine products will be available in a similar format. Place beads around your stand to slowly release scent, attract deer and cover your odor. The rut scents in bead format are also very good for use in scrapes. Drop in some beads and the scent will disperse for days or weeks. When a buck comes to work the scrape, the agitated beads will release a blast of fresh scent right in his face! He will truly believe that hot doe or rival buck was just in the area.

With the new gel bead format, our Lucky 7 Synthescents truly have earned there place as the best deer attractant in 2020! We are also some other new products in our line up, like our Premium Cover Scent in Natural Cedar and our new Lucky & Synthetic Hog Scents. With these new offerings, our product line up is becoming one of the best in the industry.

When you want to be more effective hunting deer (or hogs) or want to catch more fish, be sure to check out all the fine products here at Nelson Creek Outdoors. We will have the best deer attractants for 2020 and beyond.