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NEW Hog In Heat Scent – Synthetic Hog Urine

Hog In Heat Scent UrineHogs are unfortunately taking over more and more areas, causing mayhem and destruction in many areas across the country. They rip up the ground, destroy crops and cause stress on other game animals. There is certainly a need to harvest more hogs. On the brighter side, hunting hogs is also great fun and can put great fare on your table. I certainly recommend that if you have hogs in your area, get out, hunt them and bring home some bacon. The USDA estimates there are over five million feral hogs in the US, so opportunities are plentiful and come at a very low cost. Farmers in many states are quite happy to let you harvest as many as you want. If you are the adventurous type, you can even find places to take you out hog hunting from a helicopter.

Hogs have an excellent sense of smell. They can detect predators other animals are completely unaware of. This makes scent control as important as it is during deer hunting, maybe more. Clean your hunting clothes in unscented detergent use a scent killer type spray and make sure you don’t get any foreign odors on your hunting clothes. Perhaps explore ozone odor elimination equipment as well. Hogs will detect you and avoid the area if you bring foreign odors in with you. However, this superior sense of smell can also leave them vulnerable to hog hunting scents and attractants.

Nelson Creek Outdoors has been producing market-leading synthetic deer scents for years. We have now created Lucky 7 Synthescent Hog In Heat – HOT PORK, a near perfect copy of sow in estrus urine with added synthetic pheromones to really rile them up. It will attract both boars and sows, cover human odor and allow you to attract hogs to your location while hunting.

The first step is to learn where hogs travel. Spraying our synthetic pig urine along these trails can bring hogs close enough for a good ethical shot, especially if you are using a compound bow or crossbow. Another good place to use our scent is in potential wallow areas. Spraying this lure into those areas will often cause pigs to create a wallow, offering another opportunity to harvest them. Not only will hog in heat pee attract them, it will also have a calming effect on them as they will believe they are in a safe area other hogs frequent regularly. Keeping them calm is important for ethical shots. You can also hang some scent wicks with the synthetic urine on it around the area, allowing the smell to travel on the wind and also cover your odor. It also works very well in and around traps to keep down foreign odors and cause the hogs to relax enough to enter traps they may otherwise find suspicious. This scent also plays on the wild hog’s desire to breed. Since they do breed all year long, this scent is always effective. Add in some food based attractants and you will have a really effective double whammy!

We certainly need to reduce the populations of wild hogs. There is often a lull between fall deer seasons and spring turkey seasons. Perhaps an exciting wild hog hunt can fill that gap for you. Lucky 7 Synthescent Hog In Heat – HOT PORK scent will help make sure you are successful.