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Synthetic Deer Urine – Choose the Best

Synthetic deer urine can be excellent. The problem is it can also be terrible. So how do you pick a synthetic scent product? Follow some of the guidelines below.

What defines synthetic deer urine?

This is the biggest issue a person must face when selecting scents. Because they are synthetic products, you can define the formula as anything you want. Just because someone calls it a synthetic urine, it unfortunately does not mean it is anything like the real thing. It could be an ammonia and water concoction with not much else in it other than yellow coloring. Are deer attracted to such a cheap formula? No, but the seller can call it synthetic deer, bear, fox, racoon or elk pee. Standards don’t exist for such things and the true contents of any bottle are hard to determine.

How many companies make a good product?

There truly aren’t many manufacturers of synthetic deer scents. Most rebottle other bulk products, as we have discussed here before. It is very possible you could buy 3 different brands of synthetic scent and actually get the same formula in each bottle. It is hard to manufacture, and some of the chemicals require special handling in bulk. It is much easier for companies to rebottle a scent they buy in 5 gallon buckets and stick a label on it and make some claims of great effectiveness, their original “blend” or some other method to try to seem unique. This is why the reviews of these products tend to be so poor across the board. Same poor scent, same poor results. At Nelson Creek Outdoors, we make many original, researched, tested and approved scents for our customers. You can trust our quality because our quality and your success are what matter to us most.

How long does synthetic deer scent last?

This again varies by the formulation. Some company’s scents may go bad after only a year or two. Just because they are synthetic does not mean they last forever. One common formulation may smell somewhat like urine when new, then smell like stale cooking oil in a year or two. If this bottle of scent sat on a shelf for a year or two before you bought it, even the synthetic products could be as ineffective as stale pure, real whitetail urine. Our scents have an indefinite life span (when properly stored and kept closed after use). It will be good for even ten years, although if a bottle lasts that long, you likely aren’t using enough in your hunting set ups and mock scrapes. Either way, our scents will have the advantage of long shelf life and easy handling compared to real urine and even many synthetics.

Does synthetic deer urine work?

The short answer? Maybe. It depends on where you get it from. As mentioned above, it can be hard to tell what is actually in that “synthetic” deer pee you bought. All I can say is visit the company websites of these manufacturers. Read what they say, see what they blog about and make an informed decision. It can be hard to decipher some of the exaggerated claims, but it beats random sampling. No one will admit rebottling. Or, just choose Lucky 7 Scents. We are true formulators and understand the chemistry behind the scents and how to create true biological attraction. This includes the proper ingredients that attract the deer, including synthetic pheromones to truly interest the animals. This isn’t “pee perfume”, it is true science in a bottle. We have the most effective representations of urine and glandular secretions like tarsal on the market. No one else can do it and we keep our formulas a closely guarded secret. Trust in our quality and dedication to SYNTHETIC DEER SCENT TECHNOLOGY.

Synthetic Deer Urine