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LAST ONE: Lucky 7 MAXX’D OUT! RUT Mock Scrape Spray

Okay, okay… I lied. Last time I said we were done offering new products for the year. But the more I thought about waiting for next year, the more I thought some people may want to try this one yet this year: Lucky 7 MAXX’D OUT! Rut Mock Scrape Spray.

Mock scrapes work great all year wrong. Deer mark their territories and communicate with each other using them. They are a great way to inventory your herd with a trail camera and see what deer are there at what times. I encourage everyone to learn how to make them.

Mock scrapes can REALLY heat up during the rut period. Most hunters notice they see a lot more scrapes during this time, often a ten times or more increase in activity in scrapes. You should increase your mock scrape use as well and introduce some scents of estrus does to the mix. That is what MAXX’D OUT! RUT does. We formulate it with both synthetic estrus doe urine that mimics that of a doe near her peak of the estrus cycle and with extra buck glandular odors. This not only makes the buck want to find this doe, but also makes him believe he could lose her to a rival. It ads urgency to his search for her. A buck cruising around your local area distracted by the promise of a hot doe becomes a buck you can more easily harvest.

To use this great synthetic mock scrape spray for the rut, simply follow the same procedure as the all-season version. However, start with a MUCH larger scraped up area, perhaps as large as four feet by four feet in size. Use a stick or hand rake to rough up the soil under a good overhanging “licking branch”, then saturate it with the rut spray. Spray the overhanging branch and also the brush and grass around the scrape. It is that simple. You are now ready to hunt your trophy buck.

There is still plenty of time to order before the breeding season and we have plenty in stock. If you are going to be hunting hard during the rut (it is my favorite time to be in the stand), make sure to grab some of this great synthetic spray scent. It can definitely help swing the odds in your favor when pursuing big whitetail bucks during their mating season. Don’t forget to also pick up some of our other Extremely Effective products from our ONLINE STORE.

Happy Hunting, hope you stick a Big One!

Lucky 7 MAXX'D OUT! Mock Scrape Spray