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Best Deer Attractant 2021

The 2020 Deer season is behind us. So what is the best deer attractant should you be using in 2021? What is the most effective on the market? Well, you won’t find the best deer attractant at Walmart!

In the last couple years, synthetic deer scent technology has come a long way, especially at Nelson Creek Outdoors. We lead the pack by a virtual mile at this point! Our newest synthetic scent for the rut is very advanced and extremely effective. Lucky 7 A.S.S. (Advanced Synthetic Scent) Rutting Buck Attractant is a combination of perfected synthetic peak doe estrus urine and vaginal secretions that paints a complete picture of a hot, ready doe in a dominant buck’s mind. Customers are seeing frenzied buck responses to this scent with their noses in the air and a seemingly frantic search for what they believe is a doe that is ready to breed RIGHT NOW! Phenomenal pheromone response.

This extremely effective attractant is made specifically for the rut and to target the big, mature bucks in the area. They find it irresistible. If you are hunting does or young bucks to thin your herd, this is NOT the scent you want to use. To lure in a cruising trophy buck, place a generous amount of this formula on a scent drag rag and pull it behind you to your stand. Or place some of this synthetic lure on your boots when you are walking in. Bucks will follow the scent trail you left behind. Once at your stand, place a wick with this scent about 4-6 feet high in a tree within shooting distance and use the wind to your advantage. Placing it over a mock scrape is ideal. Be prepared as once a buck detects this scent, he will be nose up and lips curled, checking the air for the odor he believes is coming from the now willing doe in the area. They can come in fast and hard (no pun intended)!

We recommend bringing the scent in and out with you when you hunt. This prevents bucks from visiting it at night. This scent is really about bringing the big boys in during daylight hours. If you have bucks on camera showing up mostly at night, put a drop or two only in the mock scrape and bring the rest out with you. This is just a teaser to let the trophy buck know she is around and waiting for him to show up, but that he needs to come find her at a more reasonable hour. Make him show his face during shooting hours.

Lucky 7 A.S.S. Rutting Buck Attractant is the most advanced synthetic scent on the market. We strive to help our customers bag the trophy deer of a lifetime. This is not only the best doe estrus scent, it is the best deer attractant for 2021.

Lucky 7 A.S.S. Rutting Buck Attractant - Best Deer Attractant 2021“It works great because it smells like A.S.S.”!

Lucky 7 A.S.S. Rutting Buck Attractant – The Best Deer Attractant 2021!