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Almost Ready for the Opener This Weekend

Bass fissing (and other game fish) opens this weekend. I mistakenly got my turkey tag for this weekend as well, probably will skip it to go fishing (it is a ton of money for turkey hunting, costs more per pound than a good Porterhouse). I worked on the boat this weekend. Removed the old fish finder, and charged the trolling motor battery. I also replaced the trailer lights with brand new ones. I have a whole new hitch on the truck, and a new ball to use with the boat. I did hit a few snags.

Wiring from the new truck has a five wire to four wire adapter. It appears to be bad. I will be picking up a new one today. Also have a tire on the boat trailer that no longer wants to hold air. I had a mismatched set on there, ordered a brand new set that should be here Thursday. That should fix all my problems for a few years.

Last thing I need to do is wire in the new Lowrance Hook4 fish finder. I have everything I need, was waiting to do that last. Glad I did. If you have seen my pictures, you know most of my fishing is done for a 14 aluminum “basic boat”. I like small, “no-wake” lakes. My seats are all on clamp swivels. At Fleetfarm, they had one where the base is made of plastic. I bought one to clamp on next to my seat to use as a base for my electronics.. I always hated trying to screw stuff to the aluminum, always comes loose because I cannot reach from underneath to use bolts and nuts. I’ll take some pics when I get it done.

Well, here is to a good Spring Fishing Season 2018! Don’t forget to get some Lucky 7 Liquid Fish Attractants to help you put for fish in the boat!