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Hunting Scent Blocker Versus Scent Eliminator

There are two ways to stop odor from negatively affecting the deer. A hunting scent blocker versus a scent eliminator.

Let’s start with scent elimination. This is what products like our Whitetail Alchemy Liqwid Ozone do. They actually destroy the odor molecule, ripping it apart by oxidizing the molecule. The odor cannot return. It will not escape encapsulation and it will not find its way past a cover scent. The odor is gone, it no longer produces a smell. This GREATLY reduces your odor foot print while in the deer woods.

Scent blocking is the process of covering up an odor. We do make several different cover scents in our Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scents and our food based Lucky 7 Cover Scent and Spray Attractants. The best use for such cover scents is “over” a scent elimination product. You first destroy your human scent, then cover any small remaining odor with a cover scent/ blocker. This helps you blend into the background and disappear most effectively.

There are several “standalone” scent blockers available on the market. They make all kinds of claims as to jamming or overpowering the deer’s sense of smell. They say in its presence, the deer no longer can smell anything. Most of these products have a vanilla smell to them (although they are not vanilla, it is just a similar odor). I personally believe these claims are dubious at best. Anything used at the level that would swamp out a deer’s ability to smell would in itself alert the deer that something is wrong. Plus, if you don’t first reduce your own odor, deer will still pick you out of the background smells in the area. I simply do not believe you can jam up the deer’s ability to smell with another overpowering aroma and not spook them. After all, wouldn’t a powerful aroma in an unexpected area not alert you to the fact that something isn’t right?

Odor control is a great way to get close to and see more deer. Using both a scent eliminator along with a good hunting scent blocker or cover scent can be very effective.

Hunting Scent Blocker