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Best Rut Scents For 2021

Looking for the Best Rut Scents for 2021? Nelson Creek Outdoors’ Lucky 7 line up has them in our Maximum Pheromonal Response scents!

This year we will have full production of two of these cutting edge rut scents. The first is Lucky 7 “The Juice” (we did allow this to be released as a small run under another company’s brand but will no longer work with that company. It was extremely successful for hunters). This scent replicates the scent of a peak estrus doe that is already participating in the act of breeding. It has the odor of peak estrus urine and vaginal discharge from an actively breeding doe. This makes it both a breeding scent and a scent that incites aggression and competition in a trophy buck. He knows he has already missed the chance to father one of this doe’s fawns and he does not want to miss any remaining chances to pass on his genes. Once detecting this scent, a dominant buck will begin a frantic search for this doe and the rogue suitor that has already successfully bred her. The action created by this scent can be furious!

The other great scent that will be in full production is Lucky 7 Advanced Synthetic Scent (A.S.S.). It will also create a pheromone based response in rutting bucks. This scent is similar scent to “The Juice”, but this doe has just hit her peak estrus. It combine synthetic versions of such a doe’s urine and vaginal discharge at the exact moment she is first ready to be bred by a dominant buck. It also produces a frantic response as your trophy buck will be nose up searching for her, to be her first and only suitor.

NONE of the other scent manufacturers has such incredibly innovative and technologically advanced synthetic rut scents. They don’t even come close. We are leading the competition into the future of synthetic deer scent technology by leaps and bounds. Lucky 7 Scents is the future of this technology. Our scents are sure to be your best rut scents for 2021. We hope you try these great new scents this year while hunting the rut and share your successes with us!

Best Rut Scents For 2021!