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Best Hog Attractant 2021

Best Hog Attractant 2021What is the best hog attractant for 2021? It is the 1-2 punch of synthetic urine and  food-based attractants by Lucky 7 Scents.

Estrus urine is already widely accepted by the deer hunting community. It brings in big bucks like no other scent. With the even more extreme abilities of hogs to be able to detect breeding scents, hog estrus urine makes a great pig attractant. We have not only developed an extremely effective synthetic version of hog in heat urine, we spiked with with the pheromones that really drive them wild with the desire to procreate. It is not only fantastic for attracting big boar hogs for gun or bow hunting, it is also great in hog traps. Even hog trapping professionals in southern states like Louisiana have used and recommended our great hog attractant to lure the wariest of giant boars into a trap where food based lures have failed. Big hogs are smart and learn fast. Once they see a trap in action, they are wary for life and can be nearly impossible to catch… until they think they are missing the perfect opportunity to breed. Check out our Lucky 7 Synthescent Hog in Heat HOT Pork scent for your next hog hunting adventure.

Of course, food scents have made up the bulk of attractants hunters and trappers use for bringing in hogs. We decided to focus on one of the best possible: sweet corn with just a hint of fermentation and other scents and flavors. Lucky 7 Squeal Sauce Sweet Corn Slop is an oil based attractant that has the smell of a food source hogs everywhere will immediately recognize. It has the flavors they simply cannot resist and the oil based formula sticks to the feed and to the hog and does not wash away. Once one hog visits, he will leave a trail to the remainder of his or any other sounders in the area. They can follow it directly back to the exact location you want to attract them to. It is very potent and just a little goes a very long way. One 8 oz bottle can treat over 200 lbs of corn or other feed items and create a supercharged pig baiting site.

Lucky 7 Scents are truly exceptional products made for hunters with the sole focus of providing you with the absolutely best hunting scents you can purchase. We take no shortcuts and only release products that meet our stringent standards. Whether food based or urine based, Nelson Creek Outdoors has you covered for the Best Hog Attractants for 2021.