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NEW Needle Creek Property for Hunting

It is finally complete! I am the new owner of a great 40 acre deer hunting property in North Central Wisconsin (now called our Needle Creek Property). Plans are already underway to make this property even better.

While working on the closing for this new land, I did run across a person that lives only a few miles away while online. He was able to give me some very good information on the local deer and other wildlife populations. As luck would have it, he is an avid coyote hunter. So I have offered to let him shoot coyotes during the winter. That will help keep the predator population down. If any wolves move into the area, hopefully he can help there as well if he can draw a tag.

I found a close out cellular trail camera at Walmart, so  picked it up. Just a cheap Spypoint, but it will get me started. My Clark County hunting property (the Nelson Creek Property) is best with AT&T, but this one looks like Verizon will be the way to go. Stay tuned for some updates/ reviews there. I wanted a Tactacam Reveal, but they are impossible to find. I already purchased another solar set up to put together. As my properties are fairly far from my home, I don’t want to be headed up to change batteries.

I bought a new HUGE ladder stand for my Clark County property that will be going up soon. It is a Big Dog BDL-1080 with the swivel seat. I want it in an area that always has big buck rut activity. I think they may be discontinued. However, Curt bought a nice Guide Gear ladder stand with a large platform that is very comfortable. It is only rated at 300lbs (I usually use 2 man stands for the 500lb rating), but it seems to hold me just fine. We plan an ordering another pair for the new land.

If you look at the picture below, this is the area I plan to put my first stand. I looked at this area when I looked at the property in January. It is a wooded high, narrow ridge that runs up to a lower area along the creek. It was COVERED in deer sign, lots of deer beans and a gnarly rub on a huge poplar. You can see the deer paths on the satellite image. This should give me a good start in seeing how deer move through the area. I plan on putting a cell cam in there somewhere.

That’s about it for now. Be sure to check back this Spring as I make more posts and hopefully videos as I explore the new property.