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Best Hunting Cover Scent 2020

Well, the 2019 Deer Hunting Season is almost over. So we are now looking forward to next year as we talk about the soon to be released Best Hunting Cover Scent of 2020!

We are well known here at Nelson Creek Outdoors for our great quality, incredibly effective hunting scent products.  From real and synthetic deer urine to our awesome cover scents, NCO delivers products deer hunters love. And we are coming out with even more for the new year.

New for 2020, we are adding another Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scent to our line up. This will be our new Natural Cedar Cover Scent. We use natural cedar oils in this product to render you invisible to a deer’s nose when hunting around cedars and other pine trees. It is another fairly universal cover scent that you can use in most parts of the country very effectively. If you have cedars near your favorite stand, this should be in your arsenal in 2020 for certain and will outperform the artificial cedar scents offered by other companies as ours is a “natural match” to the surroundings.

This won’t be the only new product in 2020. We have several new products launching this year, including all new scents and new versions of existing ones. Stay tuned for more posts!


Best Hunting Cover Scent 2020

Natural Cedar is the newest and best hunting cover scent for 2020