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Bass Fishing Spring 2018

It has been a great bass fishing season so far. Both in fish caught and in reminders for why I may not be catching fish. The weather was cold and wet this spring. We had a snow storm just a couple weeks before the bass opener. What worked last year (and from day to day) didn’t work this year. It started rough.

I started by catching a few fish opening day. I use our scent product, Lucky 7 Gamefish Attractant – Baitfish Massacre. It does help to get strikes even in rough conditions. I started with a jig and pig, worked some deeper water and puled in a few fish.

They spawned late, so there were no beds. The next day, though, the sun was shining at water temps went to 63 F. So I changed tactics, went to the shallows and casted a weighted tube jig, weedless. I SMACKED em! 30 bass in one evening, and scored a second nearly 5 lb fish (I had a big 4.9lber opening day). Lots of 3-4 lb fish, which is great in WI.

The next weekend, bass were bedding. I could see the beds (although not fish, water was cloudy, more rain). Not a bite on the tube, and only 1 on a Texas rigged worm. I wasted a couple hours trying the same bait that had worked well the week before. The bass weren’t having it. Finally, I wised up and made a switch to one of my shallow water favorites. A simple Senko rigged weedless with no weight. First cast, BANG! Nice bass. And most every cast for the next 2 hours. I was in them good. A bit of quality Lucky 7 Fish Attractant and a simple Senko made for over 50 bass that day. Sure, some were small males, but it was a blast.

So remember, sometimes you need to change it up. A different presentation. A different lure. A different place on the lake. Don’t think that a lure or presentation will work from day to day, or even hour to hour. To catch more fish, learn to adapt.

Big Bass Using Lucky 7 Gamefish Attractant - Baitfish Massacre Scent