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Bow Season Has Arrived!

I was out hunting opening day. Was a hot, muggy morning, but the deer were moving by the stand I chose by the creek. I saw 6 deer. 2 bucks and 4 does. Each one was wading in the creek. At about 9AM a small 8 pointer was in the creek when a much larger deer came in. He did not seem to like the smaller buck and ran him out of the creek, grunting at him. It was amusing.

The smaller buck ended up in a clearing 30 yards away, and I let an arrow fly. He was already in his 4th year and his rack was terrible. He was on my cull list. It seemed like a good hit, but at that point, everything went bad.

We tracked that buck for a mile before losing blood. We did give him time, but later found out the neighbor’s dog saw it go by and gave chase. Never being allowed to lay down, he must have gotten pretty far.

This is only the second deer I have lost in well over 30 years of deer hunting. It still leaves a pit in your stomach.