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Use Doe In Heat Scent To Target Rutting Bucks

Why is Doe In Heat Scent Effective

Doe in Heat urine is effective because bucks can detect the estrus condition of the doe and it drives them to want to breed and reproduce. With FRESH real urine, his can be both by smell and by detecting the pheromones in the urine. The only synthetic scents on the market that can reproduce this complete effect are Lucky 7 Synthetic Scents. Make sure to check out the Maximum Pheromonal Response scents Lucky 7 A.S.S and Lucky 7 “The Juice”, two great technologically advanced synthetic scents developed to get aggressive responses from dominant rutting bucks. We pioneered the “cooter juice” type scents and lead the market by a mile!

Use Estrus Doe Urine With Caution

Any doe estrus product should be reserved to within 2 weeks of a rut period, before or after the peak (and any secondary ruts). Using a doe in heat scent too early will seem out of place and will especially spook mature does out of the area. When they themselves are not in estrus, they do NOT like being around does that are. It causes them to be harassed by bucks when they are not ready to breed.

When to Use Doe In Heat

Doe in heat urine is best use up to two weeks before the peak of the rut in your area, through two weeks after that peak. It can also be phenomenally effective for secondary and later ruts when does that missed being bred cycle into estrus again.

Estrus Lure Techniques

One great technique for using an estrus lure is to place it on a wick and hang it above a real or mock scrape. Deer visit these scrapes all year long and this makes them a great place to let them know a “doe in heat” is in their area. Bringing the scent in and out with you can help make sure the bucks show up during daylight hours while you are in the stand. A scent dripper can also be very effective to time the scent flow to daylight hours.

Another very effective technique is to use a drag rag with scent on it while traveling to your stand. This well create the apparent trail of an estrus doe that bucks will follow your your stand. Pay attention to the wind and try to to lure them in directly downwind of your stand location.

In cold weather, placing a disposable heat pad under an open topped sent container can help get your scent into the air. This is a simple technique that can increase your effective scent delivery on those very cold days.

Don’t Use Spoiled Pee

If you use real urine, make sure you buy a FRESH doe urine product. Anything in a big box store was bottle many months (or years) ago and is likely already spoiled and ineffective at best. It may even spook deer. There are plenty of companies that bottle deer urine fresh during the season, including Nelson Creek Outdoors. Use one of them instead, don’t waste money on spoiled pee.

All Synthetics Are NOT Created Equal

If you want to take advantage of the advances in Synthetic Deer Scent Technology, make sure you use a quality scent by a manufacturer that cares about your success. Many companies synthetic deer urines are nothing more than basic water and ammonia concoctions that will not attract deer. They are more about money and marketing. Clever “redneck” names and goofy marketing don’t make a scent effective. It is the technology in the bottle that counts. Our recommendation? Choose Lucky 7 Synthetic Scents.

Where to Buy Quality Scents

Use Doe In Heat Scent To Target Rutting Bucks