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Testing a New Fishing Scent

We have been quiet the last few weeks. But we have not been idle. While we are in the lull between fall hunting and spring turkey season, we have kept busy finalizing a new liquid fish attractant that will definitely take the industry by storm!

Why is it different? Because it has EVERYTHING fish will want to make them actively feed. It has a great aroma and flavor of real fish oils. It has multitudes of attractive electrolytes and amino acids that trigger fish to feed. All of this is completely water-soluble and made into a sticky formulation to adhere to bait, yet allow amounts of it to release into the water where fish will be readily able to detect it, be attracted to it and attack the lure or bait it has been applied to.

We have great experience in all scents and attractants. Our previous fish scents have been very successful with anglers reporting increases in their catches. Many bass anglers swear by our liquid game fish attractant, Lucky 7 Baitfish Massacre. Baitfish Massacre also comes in a fish attractant stick. Both formats will put bass and other game fish in the boat, even fish that were not actively feeding. Our liquid catfish attractant, Lucky 7 Stinky Cheese, will do the same for fisherman seeking to increased catches as well. These are both great oil-based scents you will want in your fishing arsenal. They are available today in our online store.

After many years in the scent and attractant manufacturing business, we have gained more and more knowledge needed to create the next generation of fish  scents. Technology never stands still, and we learn more and more about the chemistry to make better products and how fish and animals react to them. There is no short cut to gaining this knowledge. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to constantly advance the science of scents. With our new attractant, we surely have done just that. No scent on the market will catch more fish. Nearly any species. In nearly any conditions.

Our newest scent is currently being tested with our pro staff members after a couple years of development. It should be available in the next month or so. That is, if we can come up with a good name for this advanced fishing attractant!


Testing a New Fishing Scent and Attractant

New Fishing Scent and Attractant