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NEW: Some of the Best Deer Scents for 2020

NEW: Some of the Best Deer Scents for 2020We have a few new products in the store that are sure to be among the best deer scents for 2020. Let’s take a look….

First up is a replacement/ alternative for one of our customers’ long time favorites: our fresh urine product Love Potion #7. With real urine being banned in several states and becoming ever more regulated each year, real urine is no longer a viable solution for many deer hunters. Even where still legal, keeping a real urine scent fresh requires careful handling and refrigeration. One day in a hot car, and it begins to deteriorate rapidly. To combat these issues, Nelson Creek Outdoors has introduced Lucky 7 Love Potion #7 Synthetic. This new synthetic almost perfectly replicates the original real urine scent. It is so good that side by side, we bet you can’t tell the difference. Judging by the great response from the Big Bucks, it is obvious they can’t tell the difference either.

Our three main synthetic scents, Lucky 7 Synthescent Buck in Rut MAX, Doe in Heat PLUS and Deer Herd CALM now come in a new format for 2020. Gel Beads. These beads hold the scent and release it slowly, a time-released type of scent. This will ensure you have scent on the ground at all times during your hunt. Placed in a scrape, the beads will release scent every time a deer works that scrape as their hooves cut into the gel. Imagine how effective this can be when a big buck works his scrape and is greeted with a fresh blast of Doe in Heat PLUS right in his face! It is sure to drive them wild! Check out these new gel bead format scents. You will find them on our site on the same pages as the original liquid scent versions. Available for sale now.

Another thing we did was expand or food based feed toppers and attractants. We brought out Lucky 7 Whitetail Miracle Sweet Corn Smash. This has the great attraction abilities of the original in a whitetail-tempting Sweet Corn flavor. With the perfect levels of delicious flavors and sweetness, this can really bring the deer to your location. These feed toppers are great to bring deer and hold them in your area all year long.

We have a couple more scents we will be releasing very soon. Lucky 7 Maxx’d Out Mock Scrape Spray, This is a scrape in a bottle type scent with a spray nozzle to make it easier and as effective as possible while making mock scrapes. We are also releasing a new calming scent – Lucky 7 Nanny Doe. This is another all new from scratch synthetic scent made to keep deer calm and make them feel like they are safe while also attracting them. Both of these great new scents are best of class and sure to be big hits with deer and hunters. Watch for more news on these two soon!

If you want to harvest more deer and bigger bucks, make sure you check out Nelson Creek Outdoors’ Lucky 7 scents. They are sure to be the best deer scents for 2020… and beyond!