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Early Season Deer Scents

Early Season Deer Scents Early season deer scent selections often differ from what you would use the rest of the year. Here is a quick overview of the scents I recommend for early season deer hunting.

The scent I would use most in early season, even before the season starts, would be a good preorbital gland scent. Of course, I would recommend Lucky 7 Synthescent Preorbital/ Licking Branch GEL. Deer communicate through smells a lot of the time, in this gland, located on their forehead, is one of the most often used. They lick a head high branch along a trail and then rub their head and this gland on it, depositing the scent. Other deer can then tell who is around by visitng this licking branch. Our synthetic version of these gland secretions is made in a convenient gel so you can place it on a branch in a spot near your stand (also ideal for trail cameras) and get more deer to visit. It won’t wash off easily in the rain and once deer start using the branch, they will help to keep the scent fresh. This scent works all season long and also works great with a mock scrape set-up during the rut.

early season deer hunting lureAnother great glandular scent to use early season is the interdigital gland. This gland is located between the “toes” of deer and they also use it to communicate and track each other. Our Lucky 7 Synthescent Whitetail Deer TRAX contains a synthetic version of these gland secretions (along with some synthetic deer urine). We make it thick and sticky to cling to grass and brush when used on a drag and this formula also makes it last a good, long time. Drag some along the ground to direct deer where you want them to go and also use around camera sites and stands to cover human odor. Also works great when applied to the hell of your boot to both cover your odor and attract deer. This scent is also good all season long.

The last scent I want to talk about is our Lucky 7 Synthescent Deer Herd CALM. This scent is simply a basic synthetic deer urine with some added olfactory ingredients to resemble an area deer frequent often, such as a bedding or feeding area. Because the deer believe other herd members are spending a lot of time in the area, they relax and calm down. They will stay in the area expecting other deer to show up and will often even bed down once smelling this scent in an area. This product works all season long, but can be especially effective early season, helping keep deer calm as the sense pressure from other hunters. It is also a great cover scent.

Opening day of bow season will always remain my favorite. If you also enjoy this early season deer hunting, all of the above scents can increase your chances of seeing and harvesting more deer. Don’t forget to also control unwanted odors and play the wind to be completely effective. Now we just have to wait for Fall. Be prepared with an great arsenal of early season deer scents.