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Best Deer Scent – Lucky 7/NCO Commitment To Being the Best

What is the Best Deer Scent?

I hear this question a lot. I see it posted in Facebook groups and on hunting related forums. People ask, what is the best deer scent? The answer isn’t simple for us at Nelson Creek Outdoors.

We have all kinds of scents; real scents, synthetic scents and food-based scents. They each have their place and time and it would take a number of volumes to get through it all. But I can tell you how we feel at NCO, specifically about our real and synthetic urine/ glandular lures.

Real urine scents are the “natural” approach. They work. Nature came up with them after millions of years of research. When it comes to such natural scents, the best thing we can do to ensure quality is to make sure they are FRESH. That’s what we do at NCO. We don’t offer real pee all year long. We bottle with fresh urine all through the deer season, ensuring the scent is in perfect shape, refrigerated until delivered to you as fresh as you can get. It is always effective, never stale. Did I mention it is fresh? That is why getting some Lucky 7 Love Potion #7 is a sure bet.

Best synthetic deer scent? That perfectly describes Lucky 7 Synthescents. Making synthetic urine is an art form in itself. We looked at many of our competition’s offerings. The vast majority only had the basic ingredients of urine in them. They simply sucked. Ours are very different than theirs. Lucky 7 Synthescent Doe-In-Heat PLUS closely mimics the chemical composition of real doe urine at the peak of estrus. To complete this illusion, we add a natural ingredient. It is a trade secret, but it truly makes this synthetic urine “come alive”.

Lucky 7 Synthescent Buck-In-Rut MAX is another best-in-class deer lure. Our artificial buck urine not only closely replicates the buck pee, but also adds the musk scent they acquire during the rut. This makes the illusion of a competing rutting buck much more real. All the pieces of the rut puzzle are there. The response of a mature buck to this scent can be very powerful.

Last in the synthetic line-up is Lucky 7  Synthescent Preorbital – Licking Branch GEL. Deer use their preorbital gland on branches overhead to communicate with other deer. They also lick the branch, depositing saliva. While we took great care to mimic these odors, we also had to ensure the scent stayed in place. We formulated the perfect gel to hold the scent there so it doesn’t drip off while not negatively affecting the smell or taste itself. This did take some doing, but it ensures the scent if as effective as it can be. We didn’t cheap out and even added a brush applicator. Our commitment to being the best deer scent has no compromise.

As you can see, our real and synthetic urine/ glandular lures are truly the best deer scents offered. Realistic, useful and enhanced to mimic real situations so the deer truly believe they are communicating with another real deer. Because of this, you gain some advantage in controlling their behavior to put them in range.

In a future post, we will cover some of the fine products in our cover scent and food-based scent lines.