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Why use a Synthetic Doe in Heat Scent?

We sell both real urine and synthetic doe in heat scent in our Lucky 7 line up. I sometimes get asked why to use one over the other. Here are my thoughts.

Real doe in heat urine (like our Lucky 7 – Love Potion #7 Doe In Heat Urine) works very well… unless you mishandle it. It is a perishable product. It needs refrigeration and can’t be allowed to get warm for too long or it will go bad. In the heat in a dripper or in the brush, it will also slowly spoil. That’s why we only bottle it fresh and keep it refrigerated until shipped two you. A bottle can last the whole season, but it does degrade over that time. So while real deer urine is very effective, it must start fresh and you need to store it properly..

Our Lucky 7 Synthescent Doe-In-Heat PLUS does an excellent job of simulating a doe’s urine at the peak of estrus. It also contains a biological ingredient that allows it to be even more effective, seem more “alive”. Bucks go nuts for it. Unlike real pee, it will never go bad! It doesn’t matter how hot or how much sun exposure it gets. It won’t go bad. Ever. This is its advantage of real doe in heat urine.

So what do I use? Just before the rut starts and during early rut, I begin using our synthetic doe in heat product. I use it in mock scrapes and in scent drippers. I always leave some handy in my truck or bow case. I use it a lot. And I have killed some very nice bucks with it. At the peak of the rut, I also bring along real doe estrus urine. I keep it cool so it stays fresh, and I use it in the mock or real scrapes I hunt over. I use the real urine all around my stand I am hunting in currently. But for drippers by the current stand, and for keeping bucks interested in other stands I am not hunting that day, I still use the non-perishable synthetic pee.

One other good reason to use a synthetic doe in heat scent is CWD. Some states and areas have banned real urine. Our quality synthetic urine will serve you very well in these areas.

Maybe I helped you decide what to try. Or maybe I muddied the waters. Whether you choose to go with real or synthetic, choose a quality product like

Lucky 7 Synthescent Doe-In-Heat PLUS or

Lucky 7 – Love Potion #7

One natural and one synthetic doe in heat scent