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Newest Synthetic Scent – Deer Herd CALM Scent

Calm Deer ScentOur latest scent has come out, Lucky 7 Synthescent Deer Herd CALM. We created this calm deer scent to be used all year long, especially during the pre-rut and post-rut periods. It makes deer believe they are in an area other deer often are. It attracts them and helps cover any human odor.

We tested this ourselves and sent many test bottles to prostaff and customers. They LOVED it. They reported deer examining the scent, trailing the scent and relaxing in response to this new synthetic deer scent. It also works great in conjunction with our Preorbital/ Licking Branch synthetic scent to complete the illusion that many other deer are checking in on these communication hub site.

As always, our scents are Premium Quality and extremely effective. For your all season deer hunting, make sure you give this one a try!