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What Is Coming For 2018?

Wondering what we are up to for 2018? We will continue to test new and existing products to keep on the cutting edge of hunting technologies. For this coming year, our biggest goal is to bring out another new synthetic scent before next deer hunting season: Lucky 7 Synthescent  Pre-orbital/ Licking Branch GEL. This will round out our first collection of synthetic deer scents. It will give our customers the ability to create licking branches deer will visit over and over anywhere on their properties. It will also allow hunters to add a licking branch to a mock scrape set-up, a great technique to really get the most from mock scrapes.

We will also combine our three synthetic scents into the Lucky 7 Synthescent Rut Kit PRO. Doe-In-Heat PLUS, Buck-In-Rut MAX and Pre-orbital/ Licking Branch GEL all in one kit to help you harvest Big Bucks during the rut. No other system will as greatly enhance your chances of harvesting a Trophy Whitetail Buck!

We want to thank you again for a Great 2017 and we hope to be your scent choice again in 2018. See ya soon!